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Paying Probation Fees

Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department Court Ordered Monetary Obligations

Arranging Payment Plans

The total amount of court-ordered fees vary for each person on probation.  Please refer to your Order of Probation and check with your Probation Officer for the specific amounts owed in your case.  Some payment deadlines are established by the Court.  Your probation officer will assist you with developing a payment plan to meet your court-related financial obligations and will establish deadlines for payment of these obligations.  If financial problems arise while you are on probation, please inform your probation officer immediately.  It may be possible to make alternative payment arrangements.  However, you are expected to maintain employment while on probation to ensure that these financial obligations are met.  Failure to meet financial obligations because you are unemployed is not a legitimate excuse.  It is possible that a wage assignment may be ordered by the court or a civil judgment may be entered against you by the court for any unmet financial obligation.

Where to Pay Fees & Costs

Only cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks will be accepted, no personal checks.  When paying with cash, you must have the correct change; the Probation Department cannot make a change. Payment may be made in person or by mail. When paying by mail, DO NOT send cash.  Credit card payments are accepted by the Probation Department and Clerk’s office.  To pay by credit card online, go to

Probation fee payment location code=3054
Clerk’s cost/fee payment location code=2245

To pay by credit card via phone 24 hours/day, call (888) 604-7888.  A fee for service will be added to the amount due.


When paying fees by money order or cashier’s check, you may put the money order/cashier's check in the Probation Drop Box in the Curry Building entryway (main entryway/breeze-way to Curry Building, 214 W. 7th Street).  NO CASH in Probation DropBox, please.  Make sure your name and Cause/Case number are written legibly on the check/money order.

Clerk's Office:

Court-related costs, fees, and fines are to be paid in the Monroe County Clerk’s office, 301 North College Avenue, Bloomington, IN  47404.

This includes:
  • Court costs
  • Fines
  • Court Alcohol and Drug Program fee
  • Public Defender’s fee
  • Alcohol and Marijuana Education School fee
  • PRIME for Life Alcohol/Drug Education Class fee
  • Victim restitution
  • Drug Interdiction fee
  • Alcohol Countermeasures fee
  • Drug Court Program fees (owed prior to July 1, 2010) 

Probation Department:

Probation and Community Corrections related fees will be paid in the Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department, 214 W. 7th Street, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47404.

This includes:
  • Probation User fees & transfer fees
  • Drug testing fees
  • Problem Solving Court User fees
  • Public Restitution fees
  • House Arrest/Home Detention fees
  • Day Reporting fees

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