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While Clerk and Court staff cannot give legal advice, we may share information. Clerks cannot tell parties what type of case to file, but we may share information about available forms and general questions about filing processes. 

Citizens of Indiana have access to case filings not precluded by Rules on Access to Court Records Rule 5.  If you wish to view a pending case or a closed case, Odyssey (the judicial tracking information program) provides access to court information via the internet.  You can access case information without visiting or placing a call to the Justice Building.  Please note: Juvenile and mental health matters, per Rules on Access to Court Records Rule 5 are not accessible.

Visitors must know at the minimum the first 3 letters of the last name or full case number to perform the search.  If you are using only the first 3 letters, place an * after the 3rd letter prior to submitting.

The link to the website is:

**Juvenile Paternity cases filed prior to July 1, 2014 may not appear on**

Civil Case Types

  •  AD: Adoption
  • CB: Court Business Record (Court orders that refer to non-case matters such as the appointment of judge pro tem, drawing the jury, etc.)
  • CC: Civil Collection
  • CP: Civil Plenary (New CP case numbers shall not be issued after 12/31/2001. CP cases filed before 1/1/2002 shall continue to bear the CP case type.)
  • CT: Civil Tort
  • DC: Domestic Relations with Children (to be used for cases filed on or after 1/1/2017)
  • DN: Domestic Relations No Children (to be used for cases filed on or after 1/1/2017)
  • DR: Domestic Relation (Includes Dissolution of Marriage, Annulment, and Legal Separation. New DR case numbers shall not be issued after 12/31/2016. DR cases filed before 1/1/2017 shall continue to bear the DR case type.)
  • EM: Estate, Miscellaneous
  • ES: Estate, Supervised
  • EU: Estate, Unsupervised
  • GU: Guardianship
  • JC: Juvenile CHINS
  • JD: Juvenile Delinquency
  • JM: Juvenile Miscellaneous
  • JP: Juvenile Paternity
  • JS: Juvenile Status
  • JT: Juvenile Termination of Parental Rights
  • MF: Mortgage Foreclosure
  • MH: Mental Health
  • MI: Miscellaneous (Civil cases other than those specifically identified, such as change of name, appointment of appraisers, marriage waivers, etc.)
  • OE: Exempted Ordinance Violation
  • OV: Local Ordinance Violation
  • PC: Post Conviction Relief Petition
  • PL: Civil Plenary (Civil Plenary cases filed after 1/1/2002. All Civil cases except those otherwise specifically designated.)
  • PO: Order of Protection
  • RS: Reciprocal Support
  • SC: Small Claim
  • TP: Verified Petition for Issuance of a Tax Deed
  • TR: Trust
  • TS: Application for Judgment in a Tax Sale
  • XP: Expungement Petition (for petitions filed under I.C. 35-38-9)

Case Type Quick Reference Guide

Court Costs

Fee Waiver Request

Courts: Online Services

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Free or Reduced Legal Services

Indiana Rules of Court Rules of Trial Procedure

Monroe Circuit Court Local Rules

Glossary of Legal Terms

Self-Help Forms and Resources *If you cannot find the form you need here, you may wish to click on one of the next two hyperlinks.

Court Forms Available from Monroe County Clerk

Court Forms Available from Monroe Circuit Court

Fiduciary Form

Motion for Continuance of Hearing

Release of Judgment

Request for Remote Hearing (either by phone or computer)

Process of Service Video 

*Please note the applicable Sheriff Service fee of $28 is to be paid to the Circuit Court Clerk. The fee is paid to the county which has jurisdiction of the case. Parties are to take proof of payment and copies to the County Sheriff's Office in which the party to be served lives. For more details, contact the Circuit Court Clerk or

Adoptions (AD)

Our office does not have court forms packets for adoptions.

IC 31-19-2 Chapter 2. Filing of Petition for Adoption

IC 31-19-2-2 Adoption of minor child; petition; venue; substituting petitioner

     Sec. 2. (a) A resident of Indiana who seeks to adopt a child less than eighteen (18) years of age may, by attorney of record, file a petition for adoption with the clerk of the court having probate jurisdiction in the county in which:

(1) the petitioner for adoption resides;

(2) a licensed child placing agency or governmental agency having custody of the child is located; or

(3) the child resides.


Court Business (CB)
These cases may be used for recording Foreign Judgment or Lis Pendens, Appointment of Pro Tempore or Senior or Special Judge, Workforce Development.

IC 32-30-11 Controls the lis pendens process and the burden of properly filing a lis pendens notice is upon the filer. The purpose of the notice is to provide notice to the public of a claim against the real estate described in the notice and filing it in a court case does not provide notice to the public as the statutory procedure creates a place for the public to search for these notices. A lis pendens notice is a clerk record and not a court record although often (mistakenly) filed in the court case by a party.


Civil Collections (CC)

IC 33-37-5-28 Indiana Code for Civil Collections


Civil Plenary (CP or PL)

A case type designating civil cases in which the parties are generally engaged in litigation over a contract or some other business dealing involving real or personal property and claiming only Equitable or Injunctive Relief.


Civil Tort (CT)

tort, in common law jurisdiction, is a civil wrong (other than breach of contract) that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act.



If Child Support is to be received, the decree of dissolution must include the following statement: Payor of Support must pay an annual docket fee to the Clerk pursuant to IC 33-19-6-5

Notice to Self Represented Parties in Dissolution Cases with Children

Juvenile Paternity (JP)

Divorce - With Children (DC)

Divorce - Without Children (DN)

Divorce - Filed PRIOR to 12/31/2016 (DR)

Reciprocal Support (RS)

Modification of Support or Custody under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Petition


Guardianship (GU)

Guardianship Forms

Guardianship Information Sheet is required pursuant to Trial Rule 3.1(A)

Guardianship FAQ



Juvenile CHINS (JC)

Juvenile Delinquency (JD)

Juvenile Miscellaneous (JM)

Juvenile Paternity (JP) 

Petitions to establish paternity or support for children born out of wedlock

JP case contents before July 1, 2014 are confidential and only parties of record may access the information upon verification of identity. JP case contents after July 1, 2014 are public access. 

Juvenile Protection Orders (JQ) 

This case type is only used for child protection orders filed by DCS pursuant to IC 31-34-2.3

Juvenile Status (JS)

Juvenile Termination (JT)


Miscellaneous Criminal (MC) BMV Reinstatement Waiver Requests (no applicable filing fee)

Mortgage Foreclosure (MF)

Mental Health (MH)



Name Change (MI)

Specialized Driving Privileges (MI)

Protective Orders

Reciprocal Support (RS)

Modification of Support or Custody under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Petition

Tax Deed (TP)

Verified Petition for Tax Deed OR Tax Sale Surplus Refund Petition IC 6-1.1-24-7(d)(2)

No filing fees - only one petition for deed per case

Trust (TR)

Tax Sale (TS)

Failure to Rule on Motion 

These Trial Rules are officially titled “Failure to rule on motion” and “Time for holding issue under advisement; delay of entering a judgment” but are commonly known as the “lazy judge” rules.

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