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Court Costs

Costs - Effective July 1, 2023

Type of Filing Fees
*Civil Cases and Evictions on Civil Docket $157.00
Mortgage Foreclosures $157.00
Estate (Supervised or Unsupervised Administration) $177.00
Dissolutions or Divorce Filing $177.00
Specialized Driving Privileges (Hardship Licenses) $157.00
Civil Tort & Plenary case types have a $75.00 Jury Trial fee added 07/01/2023
Adult Adoption $157.00
Misdemeanor and Felony $189.00
Misdemeanor and Felony (Moving Violation) $189.50
Protective Orders $ 0.00
Infractions / Ordinance Violation $139.00
Traffic Violations / Infractions $135.50
Juveniles $176.00
Juveniles with a criminal case (JS & JD case) $176.00
Juvenile Legal Separation, Paternities $196.00
Adoptions $177.00
Probate, Trust, and Guardianship $177.00
*Small Claims and Evictions on Small Claims Docket E-file $87.00

Paper file $97.00

Foreign Judgments / SR 33's $ 3.00
Copies $ 1.00
Certifications $ 3.00
Change of Venue - Civil $157.00
Change of Venue - Dissolution $177.00
Change of Venue - Small Claims to Civil $ 70.00
Change of Venue - Probate Matters $177.00

Court Fee Payments

  • Court related costs, fees and fines are to be paid in the Monroe County Clerk’s office.
  • *For requests of Sheriff Service, a $28 Sheriff Service Fee is due to the County Clerk's Office for which the case resides. Evictions are to be served by Sheriff Service.
  • Additional Defendant fee of $10 applies with conventionally filed cases. 
  • Probation and Community Corrections related fees will be paid in the Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department.

Accepted Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Money Order (payable to the Monroe County Clerk)
  • Credit/Debit Card (nominal service fee added to the transaction)
  • By Phone
    • Call: 888-604-7888
      Pay Location Code (PLC): 2245
      Include Citation Number
  • Attorney's Check

Fee Waivers

For information about filing a request for a fee waiver, click here to be redirected to the Indiana State Supreme Court's website.  Please note:  If you are requesting a fee waiver, you must provide proof of income in order to have the fee waiver considered.  

To Pay Fines, Costs, Traffic, & Fees by Credit Card:

  • Make Payments Online for Court Costs, Traffic infractions, Fines and Fees 
    A 3.5% fee for service will be added to the amount of fees due, if paid online.  You must provide Cause Number, Amount of Payment, and PLC 2245
  • Make Payments by Phone for Court Costs, Traffic Infractions, Fines and Fees 888-604-7888
    A 5% fee for service will be added to the amount of fees due if paid by phone.  You must provide Cause Number, Amount of Payment, and PLC 2245
  • Make Child Support payments OR call 855-972-9427

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