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Child Support

 For any request for Child Support to be ordered, a Family Law Information sheet including social security numbers for children (if possible) is required to be filed within the respective case with the Monroe Circuit Court. 

Please note that Child Support is not a case type. Child support is commonly ordered within family law cases such as a divorce with children or juvenile paternity case type.

Non-Custodial Parent Child Support Payments: 

For information about your child support case or to get your ISETS Case #, contact the KIDSLINE at 800-840-8757. For more information visit

Child Support Worksheet

 Annual Support Fees

Change of Address

Name Change Request for Child Support

Family Law Forms and Information

How can I pay?  Cash or Credit/Debit Card or Check/Money Order

Check or Money Order

 Indiana State Central Collection Unit (INSCCU)
PO Box 7130
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7130

Include your ISETS case number and custodial party name. Do not send cash.

 Credit or Debit Card*



  • MoneyGram outlets including Kroger, Walmart and CVS. To find more locations, visit*
  • PayNearMe outlets, including Family Dollar, CVS and Casey’s General Stores. To sign up and find more locations, visit*
  • County Clerk’s Office

Direct Deposit 

Child Support payments are deposited into a custodial party's personal checking or savings account. If a custodial party chooses direct deposit, he/she must complete and return the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, State Form 51519, with all necessary documentation to the Indiana State Central Collection Unit (INSCCU). After an initial 10 day waiting period to allow for verification of the banking information, any child support payments received will begin to be deposited into the designated account. Custodial parties who have questions about direct deposit or have made changes to their designated account should contact the Kidsline at (800) 840-8757.

How to Calculate Arrears - Find your last order issued, request a child support payment history and use this workbook as a guide to calculate. Please note the Child Support Program does not give arrearages over the phone. 

Child Support Division Reminders: Reminders may be in the form of telephone inquiries or letters which may include a description of the risk for contempt proceedings, incarceration, regular compliance reviews, and establishment of an Income Withholding Order.

Contempt of Court: The intentional violation of an order for support may lead to the court's determination that the person is in contempt of court. If so, the Court may commit the person to jail for a maximum of 180 days.

Income Withholding Orders: As required by Indiana Law, the Child Support Division will obtain an Income Withholding Order to withhold child support payments from the delinquent person's wages or other income. Failure to comply with providing accurate employment and address information is punishable and qualifies for contempt, subjecting the person to incarceration.

Tax Intercept Program: The Tax Intercept Program allows authorities to intercept of federal and state income tax refunds and lottery winnings of the delinquent party.

Professional and Driver's License Suspension: Under Indiana Code 31-25-4-32, whenever the Indiana Child Support Bureau finds that a party is delinquent in child support payments by $2,000 or 3 months behind in payments, a notice is issued which informs the party that they must pay back payments in full, make an arrangement with the Indiana Child Support Bureau, adhere to an Income Withholding Order or request a hearing within 20 days. If the delinquent party fails to comply, the Indiana Child Support Bureau may suspend their driver's license, professional license, hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. The Indiana Child Support Bureau oversees the management of these activities. 

Motor Vehicle Liens, Liens and Judgment: Under Indiana Code 31-25-4-30, the Indiana Child Support Bureau may issue a motor vehicle lien which restricts the party's ability to buy and sell vehicles by enforcing a lien until child support payments are made.

Criminal Charges: All civil remedies available will be enforced, but criminal charges may be filed if the issue is not resolved. Indiana Code 35-46-1-5 allows for the classification of a class D felony when there is intentional failure to financially support a dependent or overdue amounts in excess of $15,000. A Class D Felony is punishable and/or a fine up to $10,000. 

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