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Mobile Home Permits

Click the links at the bottom of the page to see Indiana Code pertaining to mobile homes.

Mobile home title transfer / moving permits may be done by email, or in person by appointment only. We do not do appointments same day.
The fee to process mobile home title transfer / moving permits is $15.00, payable by cash, check, or money order, or with credit card (in office only). See payment options for credit card fee details. You can do both a title transfer and a moving permit for one $15.00 fee if done at the same time.

*In order to process a mobile home permit, all taxes must be paid on the mobile home. This includes all delinquent taxes and current taxes, which may include estimated taxes for the current year.*

Mobile Home Permits

In order to obtain a Mobile Home Title Transfer / Moving Permit, you will need to send us:

  1. A completed copy of the Mobile Home Permit Request Form. To request this form by mail, contact the treasurers office.
  2. A copy of ONE of the following:
    1. State Issued Title
    2. Court Order
    3. BMV Affidavit of Sale or Disposal
  3. $15.00 Permit fee (Do NOT send cash in the mail.)
  4. Funds for any unpaid taxes. NOTE: This may include judgements, which are payable through AFCS. For additional information about AFCS, click here.

The permit fee and any taxes owed must be paid by check, cashier's check, or money order made out to Monroe County Treasurer.

Requests can also be sent via email to or by mail to:

Monroe County Treasurer
100 W Kirkwood Ave, Rm 204
Bloomington, IN 47404

Please include a copy of the title (or equivalent from number 2 above) with your completed permit request form. We will contact you with a total amount due.

Click the links below to see Indiana Code pertaining to mobile homes.

IC 6-1.1-7-10 Movement of mobile home; transfer of title; permits

IC 9-22-1.5 Abandoned Mobile Homes

IC 9-22-1.7 Abandoned Manufactured Homes in Mobile Home Communities

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