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Want to see information about your property?
Click the link above to go to LowTaxInfo. There is no registration required and all information listed is public information pulled directly from our in-office software and updated every night. See below for tips on how to use the site.
2023 payable 2024 Taxes

2023 payable 2024 Taxes - The payable 2024 tax rate has not yet been certified.

Please note that the property tax billing cycle ends on the November due date each year. All payments made after the November due date will be reflected in the Spring of the following tax year. Tax rates for each year are not set until the state approves them in March or April of each year. Until that time, tax bills will show $0.00 for current tax amounts if the property is not delinquent. Please contact the Treasurer's Office for assistance.
Delinquent taxes, penalties, and fees have rolled to the Spring 2024 payment coupon. Delinquencies are still considered late and are subject to payroll garnishment. Please call the Treasurer’s Office at 812-349-2530 if you have questions or concerns regarding a garnishment.
Searching for a property
Properties can be searched using the owner's name, the property address, state parcel number, or duplicate number. After you click "SEARCH", you will see a list of properties related to your search. Click on a property to view more details.
Want to see prior year information?
Property history can be viewed as far back as pay year 2016.
While viewing a property, find this section at the top left corner of the page...
...and select the desired year from the dropdown menu.
Printing the Tax Bill
Find this section at the top right corner of the page...
...and click the middle icon to view the tax bill.
Please note this will only print the current tax bill, even if viewing prior year information. Payments made this year will be reflected on the bill.

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