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Refunds for a Tax Surplus

A surplus does not occur until spring and fall installments are paid. So, in general, a
surplus occurs when there is more paid than was billed.

  • If the surplus was generated from a payment from Nov 11th to May 10th, (a spring
    surplus), it cannot be refunded until after July 1.

  • If the surplus was generated from a payment made May 11th to November 10th, (a fall
    surplus), it cannot be refunded until after January 1.

  • In accordance with Indiana Code 6-1.1-26-6, the taxpayer will need to provide
    reasonable proof of payment. Reasonable proof: Actual receipts from this office or bank
    receipt, canceled check or bank statement, closing documents, form 1098 or statement
    of escrow account activity, or credit card statement. Every situation could be different.
    When a property is sold, we need to be provided with proof of whether the current
    owner or the previous owner is responsible for the taxes (from the deed paperwork)
    which will also determine which one is entitled to the surplus.

  • All surpluses that are being refunded to the individual or being applied to future taxes
    must be signed by the taxpayer; all of the receipts are still required. We never refund to
    mortgage companies, unless the customer requests it – in their own writing on the claim
    or in a letter.

  • Surplus letters are mailed out twice (2X) a year to the owner of record at the time of
    billing. Letters for spring surplus will be mailed in July. Letters for fall surplus will be
    mailed in January. The website will show as surplus until we upload taxes in or around
    March/April, even if the money has been refunded.

  • If a surplus is not claimed within three years after November 10 of the year in which the
    payment was made, the auditor will transfer the money into the general fund of the
    county. (IC 6-1.1-26-6)

  • Letters are sent out for anyone in surplus over $5.00 on Real or Personal Property.
    Letters are mailed within 45 days of each settlement, June 30th and December 30th.

  • Letters are sent out only one time within the year. All delinquencies are researched and
    noted before sending out the letters.

  • No refunds can be issued if the individual has a delinquency.

  • Receipts, along with the claim form, are submitted to the Auditor’s office for processing
    and to issue the check. Refunds generally take 2-4 weeks to be processed.

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