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Community Corrections Advisory Board


A Community Corrections Advisory Board shall:

  • Formulate
    • the community corrections plan and the application for financial aid required by section 4 of this chapter
    • the forensic diversion program plan under IC 11-12-3. 
  • Observe and coordinate community corrections programs in the county
  • Make an annual report to the county fiscal body, county executive, or, in a county having a consolidated city, the city-county council, containing an evaluation of the effectiveness of programs receiving financial aid under this chapter and recommendations for improvement, modification, or discontinuance of these programs
  • Ensure that programs receiving financial aid under this chapter comply with the standards adopted by the department under section 5 of this chapter
  • Recommend to the county executive or, in a county having a consolidated city, to the city-county council, the approval or disapproval of contracts with units of local government or nongovernmental agencies that desire to participate in the community corrections plan.


 Indiana Code (I.C.) 11-12-2 State Grants to Counties for Community Corrections and Charges to Participating Counties for Confined Offenders 

INDIANA CODE  11-12-2-3 Community Corrections Advisory Board Duties 


Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1068 into law on April 8, 2021 (effective July 1, 2021). This legislation established a local Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (Local JRAC) in each county [IC 33-38-9.5-4].

Local JRACs are required:

  • to promote the use of evidence-based and best practices in the areas of community-based sentencing alternatives and recidivism reduction
  • review, evaluate, and make recommendations about local practices (community-based corrections and jail overcrowding)
  • compile reports as directed by the State JRAC
  • communicate with the State JRAC to establish and implement best practices and to ensure consistent collection and reporting of data


A Local JRAC consists of the following members or designees:

  • chief public defender or public defender
  • elected prosecuting attorney
  • director of local community mental health center
  • county sheriff
  • director of county community corrections program
  • chief probation officer
  • president of county executive
  • president of county fiscal body
  • county circuit or superior judge exercising criminal jurisdiction

The Monroe County Community Corrections Advisory Board approved expanding the duties of the board to include serving as the local Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC) pursuant to HEA 1068 Local or Regional Justice Reinvestment Advisory Councils (2021). 

INDIANA CODE related to Local JRACs.

33-38-9.5-4 Establishment of local or regional advisory council

33-38-9.5-5 Purpose of local or regional advisory council

33-38-9.5-6 Duties of local or regional advisory council


The board meets quarterly at the Community Corrections office.

Local Justice Reinvestment Advisory Councilwebpage from website.


Community Corrections Advisory Board (CCAB) & Local JRAC

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Jeff Holland County Commissioners 12-31-22
Dr. Andrea Mobley County Commissioners 12-31-22
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