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Community Justice Response Committee

ESTABLISHED: August 11, 2021, Ordinance 2021-31  



The Committee shall serve in an advisory role to assist the government of Monroe County in reviewing and, where appropriate, recommend steps for implementation of the RJS Justice Services and Inclusivity Strategic Consulting Reports (“Reports”).  Particularly as it relates to community resources necessary to divert individuals from the system or transition individuals once released from the Criminal Justice System.    


The Committee shall have five (5) members who shall be selected as follows: (A) Two members shall be chosen by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, from its membership; (B) Three members are chosen by the County Council, from its membership. Each member shall serve at the pleasure of its appointing body and may appoint a proxy if necessary.

Committee Application 

Criminal Justice Review Poster


All appointments are two-year terms.

Member                                                                                                                     Appointed By:

Kate Wiltz County Council
Peter Iversen County Council
Jennifer Crossley County Council
Julie Thomas County Commissioners
Lee Jones County Commissioners
Darcie Fawcett Board of Judges
Catherine Stafford Board of Judges
Mary Ellen Diekhoff Board of Judges
Kara Krothe Board of Judges
Erika Oliphant Prosecutor
Michael Hunt Public Defender
Sam Crowe Jail Commander
Brad Swain Sheriff
Lori Kelley Health Administrator

Monroe County Penultimate Final Report

Criminal Justice Strengths Assessment and Gap Analysis

Criminal Justice Key Findings & Recommendations June 20, 2021

Criminal Justice & Incarceration Study 2020

Elevating Restoration in County Justice Facilities

NCCHC 2020 Annual Report

Stride Coalition Slides Presented August 3, 2022

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