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Food & Beverage Tax Advisory Commission

IC 6-9-41-16 Advisory commission

     Sec. 16. (a) In order to coordinate and assist efforts of the county and city fiscal bodies regarding the utilization of food and beverage tax receipts, an advisory commission shall be established and composed of the following individuals:

     (b) The county and city legislative bodies must request the advisory commission's recommendations concerning the expenditure of any food and beverage tax funds collected under this chapter. The county or city legislative body may not adopt any ordinance or resolution requiring the expenditure of food and beverage tax collected under this chapter without the approval, in writing, of a majority of the members of the advisory commission.

As added by P.L.176-2009, SEC.21.

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Julie Thomas President Board of Commissioners
Cheryl Munson, FABTAC Vice-Chair County Council
John Hamilton Mayor
Steve Volin, FABTAC Chair City Council
Lennie Busch Community Representative
Susan Bright Community Representative
Tony Suttile Community Representative

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