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Monroe County Budget Information

Monroe County 2022 Budget Information

On Tuesday, October 19, 2021 the Monroe County Council adopted the 2022 Monroe County Budget and Salary Ordinance, along with the budgets for the Monroe Fire Protection District and Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.  The adopted budget and property tax rates and levies have been forwarded to the State Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) for review via the State's Gateway system.  Gateway is the State's local government transparency portal.  The DLGF will review the budget to ensure that all relevant statues are followed and that each budget is supportable by revenues - the State will not make a value judgement on the content of the budget, but may make changes to comply with the law. 

Once the State has conducted its review, it will send the County what is known as a 1782 Notice, which gives the County an opportunity to review the State determined budget, tax rates, and levies and look for errors.  The County has a strictly enforced 10-day period to point out any errors to the State.

After the 1782 process has concluded, along with a few weeks of review by the State, the Department of Local Government Finance will issue the final certified Budget Order for the County, which specifies the official 2022 budget, and tax rates and levies for Monroe County Government.  Once approved, the certified Budget Order can be found at this link: Final Certified Budget

Monroe County Budget Reports, both past and present, can be found on Gateway at: Budget Summary Report

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