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Monroe County Budget Information

     Monroe County 2024 Budget

    On October 17, 2023 the Monroe County Council voted on and adopted the 2024 Monroe County Budget. This is available to view at the link below. 

    2024 Monroe County Budget: Ordinance 2023-41

    2024 Monroe County Budget Detail

    Brief Introduction to the County Budget Process:
    How do we get from here to there?

    While the local government budget process provides opportunities for public input on proposed budgets, the process can seem challenging, particularly to members of the public who may not be experienced in working with County government. The purpose of this guide is to provide members of the public with a brief overview of the County’s 2024 budget process in plain language.  

    The process begins with budget requests made by each department in Monroe County Government covering the entire fiscal year. Council will also review budget requests from the Monroe Fire Protection District and the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.  

    Then each budget request will go through the following steps to final approval:

    Budget Work Sessions: The County Council will hold five (5) budget work sessions to discuss each department's budget proposals with the department heads who submitted them.  During these work sessions, the County Council may increase, decrease, or leave budget proposals unchanged. These dates of these meetings will be noticed to the media in advance. 

    Advertisement: After the budget work sessions, the revised budget - now called the "proposed" budget, along with proposed property tax rates and levies, will be noticed to the public via Gateway. 

    Public Hearing: During the hearing, members of the public are invited to comment about the advertised budget.  County Council members may also discuss the budget and vote on changes at this meeting, again, at this point, only decreases to the proposed budget maybe considered.  

    Budget Adoption: 
    The County Council adopts the 2024 Monroe County Budget over two days: The Council will read the budget and property tax levies into the record on for the "First Reading".  The Council may also discuss the budget at this point, and proposed changes. Approximately one week late, Council will read the budget and property tax levies again into the record for the "Final Reading" then discuss, and take a final  vote on the entire budget and property tax levies and rates, not on individual budgets or lines.

    Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings and/ or reach out to their Council representative with any comments during the Budget season!

    Monroe County Budget Reports, both past and present, can be found on Gateway at this link: Budget Summary Report

    Prior Year Budget Links:

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