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Infrastructure Projects

Construction Projects- Updated March 7, 2023

  1. Sample Road- Sample Road, east and west of SR 37 is under construction for 2022.  Force Construction is the contractor for the entire corridor.  Anticipated completion date is spring of 2023. 
  2. Fullerton Pike, Phase III-  The phase has finalized the design and right-of-way acquisition has been completed.  Letting date is 7/12/2023.
  3. Hunters Creek Road -Construction was completed in July 2022.  There will be some pavement repairs in the spring of 2023, however the road is open. 
  4. Bicentennial Pathway Project- This project is Old SR 37 North to just past the fire station.  There will be bike lane and drainage improvements. Contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, Crider and Crider.  Tree clearing and water line relocation will begin on March 7, 2023.  There will be temporary lane closures throughout this project.  Completion is November 2023. 
  5. Karst Farm Park Trail Extension: Currently working on an extension from Liberty Drive, beginning at SR 45, traveling north to Constitution, west on Constitution to Curry Pike and west to the Karst Trailhead at the railroad crossing at Gifford Road.  Right-of-way acquisition is the current phase of the project with a potential letting date in November 2023. 
  6. Community Crossings Grant Projects- Monroe County Highway continues to submit in the grant calls for projects with paving and bridge projects.  In December 2022, Monroe County was awarded the following roads for paving in 2023: Harmony Road, Chapel Hill Road, a segment of Union Valley Road and Stinesville Road.  A new list of roads to be paved were submitted in January 2024 and have yet to be awarded. 
  7. Stipp Road/Moores Creek Road Project- Preliminary Engineering is being conducted, 90% complete. These projects are listed in the Long Range Stormwater Plan, Items #4 and #16.  Permits are being obtained at this time.  Monroe County is looking into different possibilities of funding sources. 
  8. Vernal Pike Trail- All design contracts and negotiations have been completed with Indiana Railroad.  Design modifications are being completed and we should be going out to bid in 2023.
  9. Baby Creek Stormwater Project- Project is finishing ROW acquisition. This project is listed in the Long Range Stormwater Plan, Item #3.  It is the goal to replace one culvert in 2023.
  10. Carmola Drive- This project is for the reconstruction of the roadway and drainage improvements.  Some low cost drainage improvements are going to be completed in 2023 for paving of Carmola Drive.  The long term solution is not doable at this time due to funding limitations. 
  11.  Vernal Pike Connector Road- Awarded construction funding for FY2023.  Letting will be in October 2023. 
  12. Rockport Road, Bridge #308-   This bridge replacement project is under design. Monroe County was awarded construction funding for FY2025. 
  13. Baby Creek Road, Bridge #629- Awarded funding for construction in 2026.  Project is currently under the design phase.
  14. Dillman Road, Bridge #83- Monroe County was awarded 2.3 million for the bridge replacement.  Construction is in 2027.  The existing steel truss bridge will be used on a future trail. 
  15. Bayles Road, Bridge #45- The design is underway for this bridge and right-of-way acquisition will begin soon.  Bids were open in December 2022 and the lowest bidder was CLR for a 2023 construction season. 
  16. That Road, Bridge #79-  The design is ongoing on this project with anticipated construction in 2024.
  17. Rhorer Road, Bridge #75-  The design is ongoing on this bridge replacement with anticipated construction in 2024. 
  18. Subdivision Paving Projects- The Monroe County Commissioners and County Council approved six subdivisions for drainage improvements and paving with ARPA funds.  The subdivisions are Gran Haven Estates, Hoosier Aloha, Marlin Hills, Foxwood Estates, Indian Echo Hills and Woodview Hills.

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