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Infrastructure Projects

Construction Projects- Updated July 7, 2020.


  1. Sample Road- Right-of-way acquisition phase.  This project will be constructed in 2020/2021, both the west and east segment.
  2. Fullerton Pike Phase II- Construction for this project is complete. Finishing up landscaping and minor repairs.
  3. Fullerton Pike, Phase III-  The phase is under design.  Letting date is 7/12/2023.
  4. Hunters Creek Road - Phase II and Phase III has been awarded construction funds for FY2021.  The letting date for this project is January 2021.
  5. Bicentennial Pathway Project- Project is under design.  Letting date is February 2021.
  6. Curry Pike/Smith Pike/Woodyard Road Intersection Improvement Project- Under design with a construction year of FY2021.  Right-of-way acquisition is underway. 
  7. Karst Farm Park Trail, Phase 2B- Monroe County was awarded 2.3 million for the construction of this phase.
  8. Community Crossings Grant Projects- Monroe County was awarded the projects that included paving Boltinghouse Road, Old SR 37 North and Hartstrait Road.
  9. Stipp Road/Moores Creek Road Stormwater Project- Preliminary Engineering is being conducted, 90% complete. These projects are listed in the Long Range Stormwater Plan, Items #4 and #16.
  10. Vernal Pike Trail- Requested changes have been submitted to the railroad for review. 
  11. Baby Creek Stormwater Project- Scope of services has been completed for the project. We will begin the design process for this project. This project is listed in the Long Range Stormwater Plan, Item #3. 
  12. Carmola Drive- This project is for the reconstruction of the roadway and drainage improvements. Under design with engineering firm
  13. Lori Lane- This project is within our Cumulative Bridge program. This project is under design with CHA Engineering.
  14. Hartstrait Road/Daniels Way Road Connection- Under construction with Crider and Crider, completion in summer 2020.
  15.  Industrial Park Drive/Vernal Pike Connector Road- Awarded construction funding for FY2022. Under design. The project has included a roundabout at the intersection of Gates Drive and the extension of Profile Parkway.
  16. Profile Parkway Extension-  Bids were opened with Crider and Crider being the low bidder.  Under construction.

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