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The mission of the Monroe County Stormwater Program is to promote public health and safety as well as to improve water quality by implementing stormwater pollution prevention solutions.

We are dedicated to addressing the drainage concerns of Monroe County residents and reducing flooding hazards, all while improving water quality through comprehensive planning, public education, and management of our storm sewer system.

What is stormwater?

Water resulting from rainstorms or melting snow. 

Why is it a concern?

Impervious surfaces (paved streets, parking lots, building rooftops) do not let water infiltrate into the ground. Therefore, when it rains or snow melts, water that flows over these surfaces collects debris, chemicals, sediment, and/or other pollutants that are then discharged into our local waterways untreated.

Unmanaged stormwater can threaten public health and aquatic life, negatively affect recreational activities, increase costs of water treatment, contribute to longer and more severe flooding events, and cause erosion of valuable land.

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Phone: 349-2117 |

Kelsey Thetonia - MS4 Coordinator
Phone: 349 - 2499 |

Connie Griffin - MS4 Assistant Coordinator
Phone: 349 - 2960 |

 Erica Penna - MS4 Stormwater Inspector
Phone: 349 - 6345 |

2018-2020 MS4 Report

Chapter 761 Monroe County Stormwater Management Ordinance

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Why is there a stormwater program?

The Clean Water Act and Rule 13 of the Indiana Administrative Code require communities of a certain size to have a stormwater program that implements six minimum control measures:

  1. Public education and outreach

  2. Public participation and involvement

  3. Illicit discharge detection and elimination

  4. Construction site stormwater runoff control

  5. Post-construction stormwater runoff control

  6. Municipal operations pollution prevention and housekeeping

What is the stormwater fee?

The stormwater fee  is the primary funding mechanism used to finance stormwater initiatives to keep Monroe County water healthier, clean, and protected. The stormwater fee  is calculated by a rate per amount of impervious surfaces present on a parcel of land.  However, for each single or two family residential units and condominiums, the fee is a flat $75.77 calculated based on the average area of impervious surfaces found on residential lots in the county.

The Stormwater Ordinance (Chapter 766, Stormwater Fee and Fund) was approved by the Monroe County Commissioners on July 1, 2011. The Monroe County Council approved the stormwater fee on July 26, 2011. The ordinance was amended April 19, 2013.

What services does the Monroe County Stormwater Program provide to the community?

  • Infrastructure improvements to reduce flooding and drainage issues
  • Plan reviews to ensure runoff is properly captured at new development sites
  • Construction site inspections for compliance with required pollution prevention measures
  • Public education and outreach to help our community understand water quality issues
  • Identify and address illicit discharges to the storm sewer system and area lakes and streams

What can you do if you suspect a violation of  Monroe County's Illicit Discharge Ordinance?

If you witness or suspect that an illicit discharge is occurring in your area, you can complete a brief survey (anonymity allowed) and the department will follow up on your concern.  You can also contact Stormwater staff directly at (812) 349-2960 or  Thank you for helping us protect our water!

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