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Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens are a widely adopted stormwater best management practice (BMP) that can be installed on residential and commercial properties. These depressional, landscaped areas can be planted in a variety of soils from sand to clay and planted with wildflowers and other native plants that can tolerate both waterlogged and drought conditions. Rain gardens soak up rain water while their plants filter pollutants from runoff from the garden’s catchment area such as a parking lot or roof. The water is slowly filtered through the landscaped area where chemical, biological, and physical properties of the soils, plants, and microbes work together to provide watershed benefits including:

  • Decreased stormwater runoff
  • Slower runoff flow
  • Less polluted runoff
  • More water to replenish groundwater supplies
  • Improved landscape

When you install a rain garden at your home you…

  1.  Increase the amount of water that filters into the ground, which recharges local and regional aquifers.
  2.  Help protect communities from flooding and drainage problems.
  3.  Help protect streams and lakes from pollutants carried in urban stormwater including: lawn fertilizers and pesticides, oils and other fluids that leak from cars, and numerous harmful substances that wash off roofs and paved areas.
  4. Enhance the beauty of your yard.
  5. Provide valuable bird, pollinator, insect, and riparian habitat.

Interested but don't know where to start? Check out our Homeowner's Rain Garden Manual or Interactive Map of Monroe County Rain Gardens for guidance and ideas.

Build your own with the Monroe County Mini-Grant Program!

If you are a Monroe County resident, you may be able to received funds that will cover some of your rain garden costs. There are four simple steps to becoming eligible to apply for the rain garden incentive program:

  1. Schedule a visit with County Stormwater staff
  2. Attend a County Stormwater approved Rain Garden workshop (2021 Grant Application)
  3. Install your rain garden
  4. Verify installation and provide your receipts for reimbursement

To learn more and to apply for the incentive program visit the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District website

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