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Justice Fiscal Advisory Committee

Justice Fiscal Advisory Committee (JFAC)

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The committee will serve in an advisory role to the Monroe County Council by obtaining key information from local stakeholders to help facilitate responsible informed financial decisions and identify budget priorities that best address the community’s justice needs.

JFAC wants your feedback!   DRAFT Recommendations with Edits

The JFAC has compiled a list of recommendations for the Monroe County Council based on information that was gathered at public meetings of this body. The draft version of this recommendation list is available at the link above. Please share any feedback with the JFAC email group (above).

Committee Members

Jennifer Crossley- Peter Iversen- Kate Wiltz

The committee also consists of a representative from the following stakeholders: Prosecutor, Public Defender, Sheriff, Board of Judges (2), Centerstone, BPD, Health department, Commissioner, Bloomington Family Resources Department, Bloomington Common Council, DLZ, and an individual with lived experience incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail.

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Monroe County Map of Services: Link

Meeting Schedule (with topics): Link. 

Community Correction Community Resources: Link.

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