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Inspection Schedule

Inspection Requirements

  • To schedule and inspection call (812) 349-2580 a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the required inspection.

  • Your must have your building permit number available in order to schedule the inspection with the office. 

  • It is the responsibility of the contractor or home owner to contact the Building Department and inspections are assigned on a first in first out basis.

  • The owner or contractor or representative of said parties shall attend all inspections.

  • The orange permit card must be visible from the road or no inspections will be performed. 

Inspection Types

  1. Footing inspection: Required prior to the placement of any concrete in footing trenches or forms. Steel reinforcement should be installed as well as grade stakes.

  2. Foundation inspection: Required prior to the start of any framing or back filling. Sill plates, insulation, steel reinforcement, damp and or water proofing, ventilation, anchor bolts and perimeter drain or sump pit or other applicable areas are required to be completed.

  3. Underslab: All electrical, HVAC and plumbing work that will be covered by a concrete slab must be inspected prior to the placement of concrete. Piping should be exposed and not backfilled over.

  4. Rough in: Required prior to the installation of insulation or drywall and upon completion of framing and installation of trades such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing. All framing, electrical, mechanical plumbing draft stopping and communication wiring will be inspected. Electrical and Plumbing contractor sign offs shall be supplied to the building department prior to the performance of this inspection.

  5. Final Inspection: Required once the project is complete and prior to moving in or occupying. All electrical , plumbing and mechanical systems and all additional elements, including grading and landscaping will be inspected.

  6. Other inspections as required to include but not limited to: Above ceiling, electrical service, and others pertaining to specific features of projects.  

After successful completion of the Final Inspection by the building department and other governmental agencies, a “Certificate of Occupancy” will be processed and issued. Failure to pass the required inspections will result in the Certificate of Occupancy being denied. Use of a structure prior to receiving this document is a violation of the law.

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