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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

This information provides a list of benefits plans offered to employees of Monroe County.  The County reserves the right to amend or discontinue these plans at any time and for any reason.  For more information please contact our Human Resources Department at (812) 349-7314.

2020 Benefits at a Glance

Sick Leave

Monroe County provides paid sick leave benefits to all full-time employees for periods of temporary absence due to illness or injury.  An employee with accrued sick leave shall receive regular pay for days absent from employment for the sickness or injury of the employee or the employee's dependent.

One day of sick leave shall be granted to full-time employees upon commencement of employment.  Thereafter, full-time employees shall earn one (1) day of sick leave on the first day of each full month of continued employment.  Employees may convert up to one (1) unused sick day per quarter into a personal day.  Personal time may be used for any personal reason without specification.  The right to convert one (1) sick day if not exercised during a given of the calendar year is carried over to subsequent quarters of the same calendar year.  The unused right to convert sick days may not be carried over to a subsequent calendar year.


Accrual of vacation time begins upon date of hire and is normally computed from anniversary date to anniversary date.  The amount of vacation time is based on years of service.

After six (6) months of County employment One (1) week or35 hours or 40 hours per year
After completion of one (1) year of continuous County employment and until the end of the fifth (5th) year of continuous County employment Two (2) weeks/70 hours or 80 hours per year
After completion of  five (5) years of continuous County employment and until the end of the tenth (10th) year of continuous County employment Three (3) weeks/105 hours or 120 hours per year
After completion of tenth (10th) year of continuous County employment and until termination of employment our (4) weeks/140 hours or 160 hours per year


The effective date for longevity is the date an individual began full-time employment with the county.  All records must be verified by the Auditor's office.  Longevity pay is based on the following schedule of complete and uninterrupted years of service.  Periods that would be affected by interrupted service cannot be claimed.

Less than 1 $0
1 $200
2 $400
5 $600
10 $800
15 $1,200
20 $1,400
25 $1,700
30 $2,000
35 $2,300

Longevity is paid via direct deposit as a separate deposit into the employee’s bank account.  This is considered taxable income and taxes with be withheld.

Public Employees' Retirement Fund

Public Employee’s Retirement Fund (PERF). PERF mandates that each employee contribute three percent (3%) into their personal PERF account. Monroe County has elected to make this three percent (3%) contribution into each employee’s fund. In addition, there is an employer portion, which is a percentage set by the State. This amount is based on each employee’s salary. These funds go directly into the PERF General Fund for new and existing retirees. This is deposited directly into the fund. The employee has several options with regard to how the employee’s own money is invested in the fund. If employment is terminated before the money vests (generally upon ten (10) years’ service), the employee’s contributions, plus interest, are refunded although it usually takes several months to process the return. Generally, the money becomes vested after ten (10) years.

When an employee reaches age sixty-five (65), he may receive the full retirement amount if he has at least ten (10) years of eligible service. An employee with fifteen (15) or more years of service may elect to retire as early as age fifty (50); however, retirement benefits are substantially reduced if the retirement occurs before age sixty (60). The pension is calculated by a formula set by law. On the average, County contributions furnish approximately eighty-five percent (85%) of the total benefit an employee receives. A handbook, which more fully explains the program, is available from the Human Resources Department. Additional information is available by calling (844) 464-6777.

Employees planning to retire should call the number above for more information.  The retirement process is handled completely online, and the employee is advised to start that process at least 90 days prior to his or her retirement date.

Direct Deposit

All Monroe County employees are paid via direct deposit.  You may choose up to three (3) banks for the distribution of your pay.  You are unable to receive a check and a direct deposit. Upon hire, you will complete a direct deposit form and attach either a voided check or an affidavit from your bank showing the account holder’s name, account number, and routing number.

The County offers an automatic $25,000 term life insurance policy on all full time employees.

County-Sponsored Benefits

Monroe County is pleased to offer all full time employees medical insurance coverage, as well as dental and vision coverages.  The County shares the cost of medical and dental and pays approximately 80% of your premium.  We off medical coverage through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Delta Dental of Indiana administers the dental coverage and Guardian VSP is the vision plan carrier.  The premiums for all three coverages are pre-tax.

Activate Healthcare

When enrolled in a County health plan, full-time employees and their covered dependents may participate in clinic services at Activate Healthcare at no additional cost.  Office visits and dispensed generic medications are also at no additional cost to the employee. 

Full-time employees and their covered spouses also have the opportunity to participate in the County wellness program, which pays annual incentives.  Incentives are paid via direct deposit and appear as a separate deposit into the participating employee’s bank account.  This is considered taxable income and taxes will be withheld.

Supplemental Insurance

Monroe County offers full time employees the opportunity to enroll in non-contributory, or voluntary, coverages.  Employees pay 100% of the pre-tax premiums for these benefits:

  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Deferred Compensation/Retirement Plan
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services and Identity Theft Protection

Voluntary Term Life

Employees may purchase additional life insurance of up to five (5) times their annual salary.  OneAmerica/AUL provides group term life to full time county employees at group rates.  Employees may also purchase life insurance coverage on their spouse and dependents when purchasing additional coverage for themselves.  Premiums are post-tax and based on the employee’s age and level of coverage.

Disability Insurance

OneAmerica also provides full-time employees with both short- and long-term disability insurance, also known as income replacement insurance.  Short-term covers 60% of the employee’s weekly salary and can pay up to 12 weeks, excluding the 15-day waiting period.  Long-term disability pays 60% of the employee’s monthly salary, and has a 90-day waiting period.  Premiums are post-tax, and are based on the employee’s age and income.

Deferred Compensation Program

Monroe County provides employees the opportunity to participate in a 457(b) deferred compensation plan to supplement your retirement.  OneAmerica administers the program, which allows you to contribute a portion of your salary before federal taxes to a retirement plan. For more information about the plan, or to enroll, contact Human Resources.

Flexible Spending Account

Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC) offers three Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allowing you to redirect a portion of your salary specific types of healthcare or dependent care expenses.  During open enrollment each year, and per IRS regulations, you must elect a specific dollar amount for each type of account, which will be deducted from your salary beginning January 1 of the next benefit year.

Redirecting part of your salary into a Flexible Spending Account(s) (FSA) means that your taxable income will be calculated after the elected amounts for dependent care and/or un-reimbursed medical expenses are deducted from your salary.  No social security tax, federal income tax, state income tax (except in Pennsylvania and New Jersey) nor local tax will be paid on the elected amounts.

The three accounts are shown below.

Medical FSA (Plans 1 & 2 Only) Limited FSA (Plan 3 Only) Dependent Care FSA
$2,750 annual limit $2,750 annual limit $5,000 annual limit
  • Use for eligible medical, prescription, dental, and vision expenses
  • Debit card issued
  • Annual amount available on effective date
  • Use for eligible dental, and vision expenses only
  • Debit card issued
  • Annual amount available on effective date
  • For child care or elder care
  • Funds available as deducted are made

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