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I refinanced my mortgage. I was told that I had to refile my Homestead deduction. Is this true?
No, a refinance will not affect your homestead deduction. In the past, with a refinance a new mortgage deduction application would have been required for you to maintain the mortgage deduction. However, beginning in 2023 (taxes payable in 2024) the State of Indiana no longer offers the mortgage deduction; it was previously lowering the taxable assessment by 3,000. Please note with this change, the homestead standard deduction is increasing from 45,000 to 48,000. So ultimately you are still receiving the savings, but it is no longer due to a mortgage or recorded contract as it is due to your property being your primary residence.
I just bought a new house. What deductions can I get ?
Please visit the link below to review deductions you may be eligible for. Contact our office at 812-349-2510 or for any questions or assistance in applying for any deduction.
Where do I file my property tax deductions?
All property tax deductions are filed at the property division of the Monroe County Auditor's office located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse in Room 209, downtown on the square. The office is open 8a-4pm Monday-Friday (excluding dates closed for holidays). Deduction application forms and any required additional documentation can be delivered in person, mailed with the US Postal Service or emailed to
What is the deadline for filing deductions and exemptions?
The filing deadline for all property tax deductions is December 31st. Any property tax exemptions are filed in the Assessor's Office located on the first floor in the Courthouse Building.
What do I need to bring to the Auditor's office with me to file deductions?
For the homestead deduction, the Auditor's Office will have nearly everything needed to complete the form. The only information a property owner will need to complete the form is the last 5 digits of their social security number and driver's license number along with their spouses (if married) or additional owner who lives at residence.
When are Monroe County property taxes due?
The deadline for paying the spring installment is May 10th. The deadline for paying the fall installment is November 10th. For further information on taxes please contact the Treasurer's office or visit their website at the link below.
How do I add or remove someone from my property?
In order to update legal ownership of your property, you will need a prepared deed presented to the respective courthouse offices. With any transfer or change in ownership, a deed will go through 3 offices: 1. Assessors, 2. Auditors, and 3. Recorders. It is highly recommended that you contact an attorney or a title company for your deed to be prepared. The Auditor's Office does not prepare deeds. In the occurrence of the death of a spouse, our office does not require you to remove the decedent from the title of the property. If you wish to do so, you will need to present a deed, court order, or an affidavit of survivorship. We are not able to remove an owner name from a property with a death certificate.
What are your transfer fees?
$10 per legal description and $20 for sales disclosures, payable to the Monroe County Auditor where fees apply. The Auditor's Office does not accept credit/debit cards.
How do I find out who owns a specific property?
You may visit the Monroe County GIS website or the Low Tax Info website using the link below.
Results 1-9 of 9