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Court Alcohol and Drug Program

Court Alcohol and Drug Program

The Monroe Circuit Court Alcohol and Drug Program is an integral part of the Adult Division.  The Monroe Circuit Court Alcohol and Drug Program provides assessment, referral, and monitoring of offenders convicted of alcohol and drug-related offenses.
The Court Alcohol and Drug Program is certified by the Indiana Judicial Center.  All adult probation officers within the department are certified as either substance abuse professionals or maintain a Certified Substance Abuse Management Specialist (CSAMS) credential. 
Adult probation officers conduct substance abuse screenings on all new cases referred by the courts for probation, regardless of case type.  If the referring offense involved drugs or alcohol, or the offense was somehow related to the use or abuse of such substances, the adult probation officers perform more extensive substance abuse evaluations. 
Following the completion of the substance abuse evaluation, the probation officer develops an individualized service plan for each offender.  This service plan typically includes a referral to a substance abuse education or treatment program.  The probation officer then monitors the probationer’s compliance with the terms of substance abuse education or treatment. 

Substance Abuse Education Programs

The Court Alcohol and Drug Program offers substance abuse education programs for both juvenile and adult offenders as well as makes referrals to other certified counseling agencies for services.
The Court Alcohol and Drug Program utilizes the PRIME For Life curriculum in its substance abuse education programs.  PRIME For Life is a science-based alcohol and drug program designed to persuade resistant populations to examine and accept the need to change their attitudes and behaviors concerning alcohol and drug use.
The Adult PRIME For Life course is 12 hours in length. Adult PRIME Pamphlet  
The Juvenile PRIME For Life course is 16 hours in length.
Both Adult and Juvenile PRIME For Life courses are taught at the Monroe County Community Corrections Office. 
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