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Survey Records

Monroe County Survey Utility

***WARNING*** The survey records provided through this map are incomplete. The majority of the unique survey records on file in the Monroe County Surveyor's Office are in the process of being scanned and will be uploaded soon. Please contact us at 812-349-2570 if you need the records for a particular section.

Survey records in Monroe County are housed in a variety of government offices (including the County Surveyor, Recorder, Auditor, County Planning, City Planning, Public Works, and County Highway.) Many surveys were never filed in a government office, and are only available from private surveying firms.

The Office of the Monroe County Surveyor is actively acquiring, indexing, and digitizing records whenever possible. As content is digitized, it will be added to our Internet Archive library and linked to this map. So far, we have completed the project of scanning the Auditor’s survey records and we are in the process of scanning the unique survey records on file in our office. Many of the records in our office are digitized, but are not indexed by Section-Township-Range (for instance, Lake Monroe Maps, Railroad Valuation Maps, Legal Survey Books, and Stapleton Records.) For records of this type, please visit our Survey Resources page.

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