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On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

The proper treatment and disposal of wastewater is important to the health and well being of the citizens of Monroe County. While many variations and "experimental" systems exist and can be found within the County and State, this Department is only allowing septic systems, approved by the Indiana State Department of Health, which utilize some type of cleansing medium such as a 'spec 23 sand’. Two systems that are available and have been installed extensively within the County have been the mound septic system and the Presby septic system. The following is a brief description of these two types of septic systems.

Elevated Sand Mound System

Often referred to as a mound system, an elevated sand mound is an innovative alternative to on-site sewage disposal. Within design limitations, a mound system allows sewage disposal in areas that would not qualify for a subsurface system. A mound system contains a septic tank and pump tank like a pump dosed system, but the effluent is sprayed into a gravel bed within an elevated mound of sand. The quantity and timing of the "doses" are designed differently in a mound to promote more efficient treatment of the effluent. Unlike other on-site sewage disposal systems, final treatment of the effluent takes place within the sand of the mound and not within the surrounding soil. When mounds first appeared in Monroe County, costs and construction difficulties encountered in building a mound were the major drawbacks of this system.

Presby Septic Systems

Utilized for the majority of new and repair septic systems in Monroe County due to the smaller area required, shallower soils needed, and ability to cleanse the effluent before leaving the system. Like the Mound septic system, sand is installed to aid in the cleaning. In addition, specialized piping is placed within the sand to cultivate bacteria. The bacteria then capture and break down any suspended solids and nutrients before entering the sand. The system is usually fed with no pumps, (only in situations where the site is in a higher elevation than the home) which requires additional cost and maintenance.

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