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In May 2019, Arnold Ventures and the City University of New York Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG)announced the launch of the Reducing Revocations Challenge, a national initiative dedicated to transforming probation supervision and reducing unnecessary failures that contribute to mass incarceration. Arnold Ventures funded research in ten jurisdictions across the United States to examine the drivers behind probation revocations. The challenge supported action research in the selected jurisdictions to better understand why revocations occur and how they can be prevented. This is the final report for Monroe County, Indiana.  For additional information contact Dr. Miriam Northcutt Bohmert, Ph.D., at


Mental Health Issues and Justice-involved Individuals (September 20, 2021).

Presented by Walter Campbell, Chief Psychologist for the Idaho Department of Corrections. The discussion was geared toward probation officers (POs) to help POs  1) Learn basic mental health concepts and categories of diagnoses; 2) Discuss symptoms of common serious mental health disorders and how to identify them; 3) Identify ways to effectively communicate with those impacted by these disorders, and 4) Help non-clinical professionals communicate effectively with mental health professionals.

Center for Children's Law and Policy Presentation to Monroe County JDAI Steering Committee (September 14, 2021)

Presentation to the Monroe County Council (5-22-2018)

Presentation about the new face of community supervision utilizing evidence-based practices.

ADOLESCENT BRAIN DEVELOPMENT SERIES FOR PARENTS.  Presented by Robin Donaldson, Collective Impact Training and Consulting, LLC.   Sponsored by the Monroe County (Indiana) Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI).    

Adolescent Brain Development - Session #1 – June 16, 2021.

So that explains it!  Ways the brain works and why adolescence is a critical time of growth and independence.

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Adolescent Brain Development
 - Session #2 - June 23, 2021.

Stress, Trauma, and Brain Development. The biological response to stress/trauma and how repeated long-term exposure to stress and trauma impacts brain development.

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Adolescent Brain Development - Session #3 - June 30, 2021.

Now what? How to Connect.  Hands-on ways to improve connections with adolescents and adults utilizing research-based best-practice strategies.

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Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Presentation for Monroe County Commissioners 7-1-2020

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Presentation about Community Partnerships, Grant Funds, Data, and Statistics.

MONROE COUNTY: Revising Standard Conditions of Probation, Dr. Brian Lovins, Justice System Partners. (August 8, 2022).

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