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IC 36-2-12-11 requires the county surveyor to keep and maintain a record and an index by location of all the original government survey corners containing the location of the corner, an accurate description of the monument, the distance and bearings from the corner to three or more permanent objects, the date the corner was last checked, the condition of the monument and references, the name of the county surveyor making the check, and the method of establishing or relocating the corner. 

The county surveyor is required to check and reference at least five percent of the corners shown in the corner record book each year. The Monument Records for those corners that have been checked and referenced (or calculated, set and referenced if missing) can be accessed individually through the "more info" links in the Monroe County Survey Utility Interactive Map or by Township through our Internet Archive pages. 

For information regarding corners that do not have Monument Records, please contact the Office of the Monroe County Surveyor. 

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