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Bike to Work

National Bike to Work Day:

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Every year communities all across the nation come together to show that Biking to Work (or Anywhere for that matter) is something anyone can do.  The goal is not only to increase the visibility of biking as a viable transportation option but to encourage and educate everyone about the numerous advantages of biking in your daily life!  

This year join Monroe County Government and the City of Bloomington in celebrating our transportation diversity by attending the following events or learning more below:

Inspiring Bike to Work Day Video:


 Yellow Bike 2 Work Logo  Register for National Bike to Work Day for a Chance to Win Prizes

Bike 2 Work Photo Attend Upcoming Bike Week Events
Bike 2 Work Photo 2 Learn about Indiana's Rules of the Road for Bicyclists
Bike to Work Man Pick up the latest Commuter Tips
Bike to Work Cartoon Overcome Common Myths and Misconceptions about Biking to Work
 Bike Shop Download the Employer Packet (4mb) to earn a chance at prizes or a free workshop for your business!
Bike Fest Attend National BIke to Work Day Party at Bloomingfoods (Coming Soon)
Bike Challenge Join the National Bike Challenge

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