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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Agley, Aaron Environmental Health Specialist -Wastewater Health Department  
Diamond, Eric Assistant Registrar Health Department  
Kelley, Lori Health Administrator Health Department 812-349-2068
Miller, Meghan Financial Manager Health Department 812-349-2514
Allen, Marshall Clinical Assistant Futures Family Planning Clinic 812-349-7343
Allison, Matthew Disease Intervention Specialist Health Department 812-349-2700
Baker, Simeon Sr. Environmental Health Specialist - General Health Department 812-349-2882
Beaty, Parker Environmental Health Specialist Assistant Health Department 812-349-2897
Branam, Joseph COVID-19 School Liaison Health Department 812-803-6360
Brown, Jessica Sr. Environmental Health Specialist - Foods Health Department 812-349-2837
Carpenter, Beth Public Health Nurse Public Health Clinic 812-353-3266
Clark, Kody Environmental Health Specialist - General Health Department 812-349-2072
Cox, Shian'ah Environmental Health Specialist - Wastewater Health Department 812-349-2834
Cullins, Patricia Data Entry Clerk Health Department 812-349-2082
Delgado, Alyssa Environmental Health Specialist- Foods Health Department 812-349-2896
Ettinger, Miranda Disease Intervention Specialist Program Coordinator Health Department 812-349-2829
Graham, Jean Disease Intervention Specialist Assistant Health Department 812-349-2039
Harrison, Amy Community Health Specialist - Harm Reducation Health Department 812-803-6363
Hertz, Kathy Registrar Health Department 812-349-2065
Hewett, Kathy Population Health & Outreach Manager Health Department 812-349-2722
Hubbard, Linnea Collection Response and Data Collection Specialist Health Department  
Hudson, Sally Public Health Nurse Public Health Clinic 812-353-3212
Gause, Eric Clinic Manager Futures Family Planning Clinic 812-349-7343
Kelly, Jaema Public Health Nurse - Vaccine Coordinator Public Health Clinic 812-353-3239
Kempf, Christina Public Health Preparedness Coordinator Health Department 812-349-2849
Staff 1-25 of 35