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PCB Cleanup

PCB Cleanup

The PCB status in Monroe County continues to be monitored. The following information comes from the Update on Activities for Lemon Lane, Neal's Landfill, and Bennett's Dump from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues overseeing work at three Superfund sites in Bloomington, IN, known as Lemon Lane Landfill, Neal's Landfill and Bennett's Dump. These sites are part of a group of sites contaminated by PCB waste from the former Westinghouse Electric Corp. plant. Westinghouse is now CBS Corp., and is responsible for the cleanup of the sites.

Federal Register Notice

Lemon Lane Landfill

EPA recently completed a five-year review of the cleanup at the Lemon Lane Landfill Superfund site. The review was required because contamination remains at the site at levels that require use of and exposure to the site to be restricted. The purpose of the review is to determine if the site cleanup will continue to be protective of people and the environment. This is the third five-year review for the site. The results of this review determined that the site is protective now that all of the cleanup components have been completed. The last component, instituting deed restrictions limiting use of the site, was completed in August 2014. 

Cleanup of this site included:
  • Removing PCB-contaminated material and putting a cover over the landfill.
  • Building a water treatment plant to treat contaminated spring water from Illinois Central Spring (ICS).
  • Removing contaminated sediment and soil from around the landfill and the ICS treatment plant.
  • Disposing the contaminated sediment and soil in an approved landfill off-site.
  • Installing fencing around the site and ICS treatment plant.
  • Long-term monitoring of water including weekly discharge sampling from ICS water treatment plant.

CBS Corp. continues operation and maintenance activities of the landfill and treatment plant. The treated water from the plant, which meets Indiana water discharge standards, is released to Clear Creek downstream of the site. Groundwater and surface water continue to be monitored.

Bennett Stone Quarry

The Bennett Stone Quarry in Bloomington, Indiana, has been removed from Superfund's National Priorities List, or NPL. EPA has determined that cleanup at the site is completed and no further action is required other than continued operation and maintenance, monitoring, and five-year reviews. 

Neal's Landfill

At the Neal's Landfill site, CBS Corp. continues to perform routine operation and maintenance activities at the landfill and on-site treatment plant that was built to collect and treat spring water from the landfill. Water from the treatment plant also continues to be sampled. The treated water from the plant, which meets Indiana water discharge standards, is released to Conard's Branch immediately downstream of the site, which then drains to Richland Creek. Groundwater and surface water continue to be monitored. 

Fish Sampling

EPA collected fish samples in fall 2014 and 2015 at various locations in Clear Creek near Lemon Lane Landfill, Stout's Creek near Bennett's Dump, and Conard's Branch and Richland Creek near Neal's Landfill.  EPA performed a statistical analysis of historical fish sample results obtained over several years, including the 2014 sampling results. The analysis shows an overall decreasing trend in the concentrations of PCBs in fish, with the greatest decrease in fish closest to the sites. PCB reductions of 90 percent are evident in sport fish in Clear Creek, Stout's Creek and Richland Creek downstream of the sites.

April 2020 Neal's Landfill Site Post-Remediation Fish Sampling Data Analysis Report

What's Next?

Federal Register Notice proposing all of the sites for deletion and each site’s Federal Register link:

Bennett Stone Quarry:

Lemon Lane Landfill:

Neal’s Landfill:

Web-based information resources for Project:

EPA provides space for the public to view records related to Superfund work at Indiana University Library, 1320 East Tenth Street, Bloomington, Indiana.

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