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City of Bloomington Annexation

Annexation is the process used by cities and towns to increase their jurisdictional authority and claim control over territory of adjacent land.  The City of Bloomington has announced that it intends to annex land that is currently under the jurisdiction of the Monroe County Government.

 If you own property in Monroe County, you may be in an area intended for annexation. To find out if you are in such an area and for information on the proposed annexation by the City of Bloomington, follow the link below. You can find a map showing the areas intended for annexation and other information:

 Per Indiana Statute IC 36-4-3 et seq., the Monroe County Board of Commissioners have no legal ability to halt or modify an annexation request by the City of Bloomington. Annexation laws and the process may be found here:  Seek the advice from an attorney, if you have questions.

Although the Monroe County Board of Commissioners represent every county resident (whether they live in an incorporated area or not), the Commissioners have no voice in the process as initiated by the City. Monroe County Government cannot provide legal advice to private residents.  It is up to property owners and residents to know their rights and make their voices heard during City Council proceedings on annexation. 

Owners of property within the areas proposed for annexation may have the legal right to object to annexation, unless a valid waiver of the right of remonstrance was executed and recorded properly. Whether or not there is a waiver filed on any particular property IS a matter of public record.


Indiana Code 36-9-22-2 states that a waiver executed on or before July 1, 2003 IS VOID and some waivers expire after a 15 year time period. If you want to know if there is a waiver recorded for any property, contact the Monroe County Recorder. You may reach the Recorder by emailing . Email is the preferred method for making an inquiry. If you cannot email, you may reach the recorder by phone at 812-349-2520 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  


In the spirit of transparency and public service, the Monroe County Commissioners will provide public information in order to educate those they serve. The Commissioners will also call on the Mayor and City Council of Bloomington to take the necessary time to review the fiscal impact of this massive annexation of unincorporated areas of the county into the City of Bloomington.


The Monroe County Commissioners, with support from the Monroe County Council, also intend to hire an expert to analyze and explain the fiscal impact to Monroe County Government. County Government has a number of fixed expenditures and duties that serve ALL members of the community regardless of city or county residency. The income that supports ALL County functions may be negatively affected by annexation.  There will be impacts to many of the County’s funding sources including property tax (due to the circuit breaker tax caps), local income tax (including local income taxes designated for public safety), stormwater fees, Motor Vehicle Highway, Food and Beverage, Wheel, and Excise taxes.  These effects must be studied by Monroe County, so that residents and taxpayers know the facts regarding annexation and its financial impacts.