Monroe County, Indiana

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Youth Services Resources

The Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County is dedicated to linking citizens to resources and services that work to develop positive youth and healthy families. In this resource section we have identified local and state resources that Monroe County youth, parents, and professionals might find useful.

For Youth

  • Education

For homework assistance, check out these sites. They will help you research topics, appropriately cite sources, and provides links to other really cool sites that help you learn on any given topic.

Teen Homework Help | Monroe County Public Library, Indiana -

Looking to go to college? Check out these links to learn about any college, their rankings, and for help on preparing for college.

School After High School Resources | Monroe County Public Library, Indiana - (a comprehensive site for all you need to know about choosing and getting into a college of your choice) (rankings)

Thinking about getting a GED?

  •  Money? Enough said.

2020-2021 FAFSA on the Web Worksheet, English ( (provides an easy to understand summary of the financial aid application process) (everyone going to college requiring aid needs to fill this online form out) (21st Century Scholars, a great program for low-moderate income families looking for college tuition assistance) (a nice site that reviews the ins and outs of the financial aid process) (another helpful site explaining the financial aid process) 

  • Community Involvement

Volunteer Organizations / Monroe County, IN

Volunteer Opportunities | Monroe County Public Library, Indiana -  - Monroe County Public Library runs a number of great programs for young people including the Bloomington Teen Council, homework help, and other stuff you never knew existed at the library.

  • Employment and Career Guidance

Need to know who's hiring in and around Monroe County? The Herald Times Online has access to employment classifieds for the Herald Times, Bedford Times-Mail, and Martinsville Reporter-Times. Happy hunting!
Looking to learn more about a specific occupation? Visit Learn More. Here you can get career information, college profiles, and sign up for the 21st Century Scholars Program.

Another great resource to learn about specific occupations is the Occupational Outlook Handbook Home : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( published by the U.S. Department of labor. Here you can find out about projected salaries and the employment needs of a particular profession.

  • Transitional Housing

Centerstone provides services to children (birth to 26 years old) and their families, focusing on those who have a history of emotional issues and behavioral issues. We focus on youth with problems which have significantly impacted their ability to function at school, in their community and at home. These services include:

  • intensive 24-hour residential treatment in community group homes
  • therapeutic foster care
  • intensive in-home services
  • programs that incorporate addiction-services treatment, good child welfare practice, and family preservation into case management
  • adoption services
  • independent living/transitional living services

For Parents & Professionals

The United Way of Monroe County has put together a comprehensive online community resource guide called 2-1-1. With the help of 2-1-1, you can identify all sorts of community resources such as counseling services, childcare, economic assistance, educational services, and so on. The 2-1-1 site is located here.

The Community and Family Resources Department
 for the City of Bloomington has put together a Directory of Youth and Family Services. For information on obtaining a copy of this directory you can call the CFRD at 812-349-3430 or send them an email at

Centerstone cares for about 30,000 people each year – adults, children and veterans throughout Southern and Central Indiana.   For more information, please call (800)344-8802.