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Opioid Settlement Funding

Opioid Settlement Funding

From 2012 through 2016, there were 58 Indiana Counties which had opioid prescribing rates greater than 100 prescriptions per 100 residents. Working through local governments, the State of Indiana has acquired and is disbursing funds to fight this epidemic. Disbursements are currently scheduled to be received by units through 2038. Over the years, the county expects to receive approximately $5,000,000.00. Monroe County is seeking to fight this epidemic by providing funds to individuals and organizations working to support people directly impacted by the opioid epidemic and those seeking or in treatment and recovery in Monroe County.

Note: Applications must go through a review process. Opioid funding is limited and some applications may not be approved. Only proposals directly related to addressing the opioid epidemic will be considered for funding. The following governmental units are EXCLUDED from funding consideration: City of Bloomington, Town of Ellettsville and Town of Stinesville.

Applicants may submit funding requests beginning April 12, 2024. Applications will be reviewed by a review committee after each quarterly submission window has closed. There are multiple steps to the review/approval process as outlined in the “Monroe County Opioid Settlement Funding Proposal Procedure”. Therefore, the Auditor’s Office will update the application status in the grid below.


Application Submission Date

Quarter Number

Review Status


2024 Q1

Accepting Applications starting 4/12/2024


2024 Q2

Accepting Applications starting 7/1/2024


2024 Q3

Accepting Applications starting 10/1/2024

 Procedure Document