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Complaint Report for Violations of Current Local Health Order

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If you have observed violations of the current Local Health Order and wish to submit a complaint, fill out this report form as completely as possible.  If you prefer, you can use our hotline 812-803-6360.  The current Local Health Order can be found here. Complaints related to face coverings, social distancing and gathering sizes may be submitted with this form.  Only complaints about businesses, agencies, and other organizations will be addressed.  Complaints regarding individual behavior will not be investigated except in very rare circumstances.

The Monroe County Health Department (MCHD), local and state law enforcement have the authority to enforce the Local Health Order effective Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 12:00pm.

MCHD will review your complaint and forward it to the appropriate personnel. You will not be contacted after submitting the complaint unless additional information is required and you have given permission to be contacted.

Thank you.

Please be advised that any information you provide may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, Indiana Code Section 5-14-3.

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