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Monroe County Food & Beverage COVID-19 Virus Relief Application

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On March 18th, the Monroe County Board of Commissioners voted to request authority from the Food and Beverage Tax Advisory Commission to allocate $200,000 of the tax collected from county establishments (outside of the City of Bloomington) to aid locally- owned businesses that support tourism in the community.

On March 24th, the Food and Beverage Tax Advisory Commission approved the release of these funds.

This is an effort to support local businesses and their employees who are suffering economic losses as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) health emergency. The County’s portion of the Food and Beverage tax is the portion collected from businesses outside the City of Bloomington.  Because of this, the County Commissioners are restricted to offering aid only to those businesses located outside the city limits.  The expenditure of Food and Beverage tax dollars can only be made to support tourism.

An informational survey was released last week and based on the information received there and with community input, the Commissioners have developed a basic application form for businesses to utilize to apply for funding.

Completing the application does not guarantee that funding will be made available. The scope of funding will be reviewed weekly by the Board of Commissioners.

In addition to restaurants and bars, other locally-owned businesses that support tourism are encouraged to complete the survey if they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Commissioners recognize that while there are some long-term funding opportunities for businesses, short-term assistance may be vital for the survival of our local economy.

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