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Weights and Measures

The purpose of the Monroe County Department of Weights & Measures is to ensure equity in the marketplace. This is accomplished by enforcement of federal, state, and local laws, education, and monitoring of activities. The uniform enforcement of these laws, protects both consumers and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices which helps to create a level playing field for all. This continual oversight of commercial businesses assures the consumers of Monroe County a fair and accurate disclosure of the measure and value of products which they purchase.

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How Equity is Achieved

On an annual basis, all commercially used weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for accuracy correct installation, and proper operation. The test weights and measuring devices that are used during these inspections are certified on a bi-annual basis by the Indiana State Metrology Lab.

Devices Tested


 All commercial scales ranging from sensitive pharmacy scales to large capacity vehicle scales are inspected using certified weights. Some examples of inspected devices include: pharmacy scales, computing scales at supermarkets and delis, farmer’s market vendor scales, high school wrestling scales, gold buyer’s scales, and vehicle scales at transfer stations and limestone quarries

 Retail Fuel Dispensers:

 Gas, diesel, and kerosene pumps are tested for accuracy of metering, pricing, proper labeling & signage, as well as other requirements.

 Vehicle Tank Meters:

 Testing of meters for home heating oil and gasoline meters on delivery trucks.

Other Enforcement Activities

 Package Checking:

 Packaged products are checked and weighed to make sure the net contents of packages are correct and that appropriate tare weight has been applied. During these inspections these packages are also checked to ensure that the labeling is correct and that the proper method of sale is being used. Products we check include; store or manufacturer packed items at grocery stores, liquid propane cylinders, mulch, firewood, milk, produce, hardware items, seed, grain, etc.


If a consumer believes that a weighing or measuring device is inaccurate, have received a short weight or short measure commodity, prices do not agree, or have questions about fuel quality they can call (812) 349-2566 or email

When contacting us, you will be asked for specific information, such as contact information, business name, nature of the complaint, location of the device, and grade purchased (if applicable.) This will enable the inspector to accurately investigate your complaint. Upon investigation, if the device or commodity in question is found to be in error then appropriate enforcement actions will be taken. In all cases your contact information will remain confidential and not given to the business.

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