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Karst Farm Greenway

The Karst Farm Greenway is a fully paved trail that begins at Karst Farm Park and extends over 7 miles north to Campbells Park in the Town of Ellettsville. There are trailheads at Karst Farm Park, Loesch Road, and Cambells Park. A longer range goal is to further extend the Greenway to Flatwoods Park and connect with a trail planned by Owen County that will create a regional trail with major trailheads at McCormick’s Creek Elementary School and McCormick’s Creek State Park, and terminating in the town of Spencer.

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KFP Trailhead to Endwright 0.51 miles
Endwright Rd to Gifford 0.62 miles
Gifford to 3rd St 1.14 miles
3rd St to Waynes Lane 0.48 miles
Waynes Lane to Vernal Pike 0.74 miles
Vernal Pike to Loesch Rd Trailhead 0.89 miles
Loesch Rd Trailhead to Woodyard Rd 0.60 miles
Woodyard Rd to SR 46 2.30 miles
Total 7.27 miles

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