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We, the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, renew our commitment to welcome and protect the rights of all people regardless of age, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, marital status, and national origin and we affirm the right of every person to live peacefully and without fear...and we will fight and resist, at every step, discrimination and harmful policies, whatever their source.

We also stand with and support our county public school systems both RBB and MCCSC.

Funds Requested for Businesses Suffering Economic Losses as a Result of COVID-19

On March 18th, the Monroe County Board of Commissioners voted to request authority from the Food and Beverage Tax Advisory Commission to allocate $200,000 of the tax collected from county establishments (outside of the City of Bloomington) to aid locally-owned businesses that support tourism in the community.  This is an effort to support local businesses and their employees who are suffering economic losses as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) health emergency. The County’s portion of the Food and Beverage tax is the portion collected from businesses outside the City of Bloomington.  Because of this, the County Commissioners are restricted to offering aid only to those businesses located outside the city limits.  The expenditure of Food and Beverage tax dollars can only be made to support tourism. Commissioner Julie Thomas stated that she and the other Commissioners hope the City of Bloomington will follow suit for the businesses located within the city limits. 

An informational survey is now available on the County website for local businesses to complete as soon as possible.  Once the information has been collected and evaluated, the Commissioners will determine the best way to proceed.  In addition, the County Council will need to appropriate these dollars for this use.  The collection of this data does not guarantee that funding will be made available from the Food and Beverage Tax Advisory Commission and the County Council.  The scope of funding (whether it is in the form of grants or interest-free loans) has not yet been determined.  According to Thomas, "We need to understand the need before we can develop a policy. It is important to move quickly, yet utilize these dollars where it will do the most good as efficiently as possible."

In addition to restaurants and bars, other locally-owned businesses that support tourism are encouraged to complete the survey if they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Commissioner Lee Jones noted, “The economic fallout from this situation is very hard to predict but will certainly be damaging.  We know we won’t be able to make up for all losses.  It’s our hope that we can help these businesses be able to stay open or re-open as we work our way through this crisis.”  Commissioner Penny Githens added, “Having just returned from travel outside the state, I can report that we are moving more expeditiously than other areas.  With the local cooperation we are seeing, our efforts should reduce the impact of COVID-19 and help our economic recovery.”

Please provide as much information as possible on the Monroe County Food & Beverage Covid-19 Virus Relief Application .  Send the completed form to

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The Monroe County Board of Commissioners meets weekly to approve payroll and claims, receive reports, sign resolutions and to receive legislation. The public meeting is held every Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m. located in the Nat U. Hill, III Meeting Room in the Courthouse.  A "work session" will follow after a brief recess.

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