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Q1.Are the Public Defenders real attorneys?
Q2.What types of cases are assigned to Public Defenders?
Q3.How do I get a Public Defender to represent me?
Q4.What do I do after a Public Defender is appointed to my case?
Q5.What happens at the appointment?
Q6.Should I hire a private attorney?
Q7.Should I try to hire a private attorney because they will do a better ...
Q8.Who else can I talk to about my case?
Q9.I forgot the name of my Public Defender.  I forgot my court date....
Q10.Will the Public Defender represent me if I am a resident of another co...
Q11.My English is limited/I am Deaf.  Can the Public Defender get an ...
Q12.Do I have to pay the Public Defender?
Q13.I have limited financial resources, and my case is not criminal. ...