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Monroe Circuit Court Probation in the Curry Building 


The mission of the Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department is to promote a safer community by intervening in the lives of offenders, holding them accountable, and serving as a catalyst for positive change.


Probation Department Evidence-Based Organization Presentation Now Available on CATS

The Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department conducted a presentation to report on becoming an evidence-based organization on Thursday September 5, 2013.   

The presentation was broadcast and streamed live by CATS and is now available for viewing on the CATS website on demand. 

CLICK HERE to view presentation:

Why the Probation Department is working to become an Evidence-based Organization:

Research has shown that when probation, parole, and community corrections programs are evidence-based organizations, they are more likely to be successful in reducing recidivism.  

On March 4, 2013, the Monroe County Community Corrections Program was audited by the Indiana Department of Correction and received an “A” as an evidence-based organization (score of 93/100).  

(Pictured left to right: Valerie Collins, Julie Robertson,  Susan Allen and Tom Rhodes)


The Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department participated with more than 30 other local agencies in celebrating National Night Out with the Bloomington’s Crestmont community on August 2, 2011.  Several probation employees worked to provide literature, Crayons, coloring books, Popsicles, and to play Corn Hole with festival visitors.

The purpose of National Night Out is to strengthen neighborhoods by building community-police relationships, raise crime and drug awareness and build neighborhood support for anti-crime programs. 

One young boy there asked, “What is a Court?”  The event allowed an opportunity to educate and befriend many folks in the community. 

Representing the local probation department were probation officers: Susan Allen, Julie Robertson, Erin Werner, Valerie Collins, Christine McAfee, Brenda Ogborn, and Tom Rhodes.

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Location: 214 W. 7th St., Suite 200
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)
Phone: 812-349-2645
Fax: 812-349-2975

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Thursday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Calls taken 24 hours through the Bloomington Police Dept, 339-4477, 911, or Monroe Co. Sheriff's Office, 349-2780


Community Corrections and Probation Juvenile Division Minimize

405 W. 7th, Suite 2
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)

Phone: 812-349-2000
Fax: 812-349-2001

7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Monday - Thursday

7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Emergency: Calls taken 24 hours through the Bloomington Police Dept, 339-4477, 911, or Monroe Co. Sheriff's Office, 349-2780
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Linda Brady, Chief Probation Officer

Tom Rhodes
Assistant Chief Probation Officer/Community Corrections Director

Troy Hatfield
Deputy Chief Probation Officer

Christine McAfee
Juvenile Probation Supervisor

Valerie Collins
Adult Probation Supervisor

Susan Allen
Court Alcohol and Drug Program Director

Jeff Hartman
Community Corrections Supervisor

Steve Malone
Drug Court Supervisor

Probation Webmaster

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