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What is the Community Corrections Advisory Board?

A Community Corrections Advisory Board shall:

1. Formulate the Community Corrections plan and the application of financial aid;

2. Observe and coordinate Community Corrections programs in the county;

3. Make an annual written report to the county fiscal body, county executive, or in a county having a consolidated city, the city-county council, containing an evaluation of the effectiveness of programs receiving financial aid under IC 11- 12 and recommendations for improvement, modification, or discontinuance of these programs;

4.Ensure that programs receiving financial aid under IC 11-12 comply with the standards adopted by the Department;

5.Recommend to the county executive or, in a county having a consolidated city, to the city-county council, the approval or disapproval of contracts with units of local government or non-governmental agencies that desire to participate in the Community Corrections plan. Before recommending approval of a contract, the Advisory Board must determine that a program is capable of meeting the standards adopted by the Department;

6.Adopt bylaws for the conduct of its own business;

7.Hold a regular meeting at least one time every three months and at other times as needed to conduct all necessary business. Dates of regular meetings shall be established at the first meeting of each year (Please note that a copy of the minutes of each meeting must be emailed to the Department to the attention of the Program Manager assigned to that county.

8. Comply with the public meeting and notice requirement under IC 5-14-1.5;

9. Ensure that the CCGAP is in compliance with all relevant legal and procedural manual requirements;

10. Monitor the progress of the CC GAP toward the stated goals in the Community Corrections Grant application

11. Authorize all project income expenditures.