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General Information

Law enforcement agencies will issue citations for infraction traffic violations. Depending upon your driving record, you may be eligible for the Traffic Infraction Diversion Program. Traffic Infraction Diversion Program is handled by the Prosecutor's office. Contact that program at the Prosecutor's office 812-349-2685.

Most citations DO NOT require an actual court appearance if ticket is paid prior to Court date. Price of tickets are according to violation committed. Contact the office at the above number for more information.    





Monroe County Clerk - Traffic Violations Division
301 N. College Avenue, Rm. 201 - The Charlotte Zietlow Justice Building
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 547 - Bloomington, IN  47402-0547 - (812) 349-2614    (Back to Top)


What You Need To Know Now That A Citation Has Been Issued To You:

The date set on the bottom of your citation is an initial hearing. You WILL NOT be going to Court on that date nor will you be meeting with the officer who issued the citation. Please see the information at the bottom of this page if you wish to have your case set for a Bench Trial in which you will appear before one of our Judges with the issuing officer present.

There are basically three (3) types of dispositions for an Infraction case:  

     You may pay the ticket AS ISSUED by using the chart below showing what your fine and costs are;
  You may sign off on the bottom of this page requesting that your case be set for a Bench Trial; or
  You may appear on the date issued on the citation OR YOU MAY CALL THE PROSECUTOR'S INFRACTION DIVERSION PROGRAM AT 812-349-2685 PRIOR TO YOUR COURT DATE to determine eligibility for this program. The website for this program is located at DO NOT call the Clerk's Office concerning this program as it is administered through the Prosecutor's Office ONLY.   (Back To Top)

CDLs Are Not Eligible For The Infraction Diversion Program



All fines and costs may be paid in person (or you may send someone to pay it for you) with cash or by mail with  a money  order  or  certified  check,  or call  GovPayNow  888-604-7888  or  Your PLC # is 2245.  You must include a citation number so payment can be applied to the correct ticket.

The Monroe County Clerk's Office cannot accept your personal checks. 
All personal checks will be returned.

Expired Plates, Expired License, Equipment Failure, Headlights, Muffler and Illegal Window Tint MAY BE DISMISSED if proof that problem  has been  corrected  is submitted  to the Clerk within  5 business  days from  date  of  citation. Proof must be shown to Clerk!


Fines and Costs $235.50 Fines and Costs $140.50/Trucking Fine $160.50
Driving w/Suspended License Failure to Carry Insurance   Boating, Fishing/Conservation Wrong Way/One Way
Speeding in School Zone Passing School Bus   Failure to Yield Left of Center
      Disregard Stop Sign False Registration Disregard
Seat Belt = $25 fine only Handicap Parking $100   Police Officer No Motorcycle Endorse
      Following Too Close Disregard Automatic Signal
Fines and Costs $168.50 Fines and Costs $168.00   Failure to Signal Learner Permit
Moving Violations Non-Moving Violations   Improper Turn Passing Violation
      Unsafe Start All Trucking Violations
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle False ID      
Unreasonable Speed Violation Possession of Paraphernalia   Unsafe  Lane Movement
Speed Too Fast to Avoid Collision Littering   Work Zone   $25 Fine
  Open Container Violation   Plus Speeding Fee (see chart)
  Use of Telecommunications    
    While Operating Moving Vehicle    


Speeding   Overweight Truck Violations
1-15 MPH $149.50        21-25 MPH $159.50          1000-1999 .02 per lb. + $133.50 4000-4999 .08 per lb. + $133.50
16-20 MPH $154.50 26+ $168.50   2000-2999 .04 per lb. + $133.50 5000+       .10 per lb. + $133.50
          3000-3999 .06 per lb. + $133.50  

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