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The Voter Registration office is in charge of maintaining the record of registered voters in Monroe County.

Watch here for important election related information



2014 Election Calendar and Offices to be Elected

Vote Centers

What is a Vote Center?

How will a Vote Center work in our Community?

How does an Vote Center affect me?

The following link to a Secretary of State Web page to see what others think about vote centers and answer questions you might not have considered.


How to register to vote

Voters can register to vote or pick up mail-in Voter Registration forms at any of the following locations:

  • At the voter registration office
  • At the BMV
  • At most Government offices
  • Online

How to Register Online to Vote

As of July 1, 2010 you can now register to vote online. Here’s how it works: Go to and fill out the registration form.
Select the link to “Register to Vote Online” – this will give you the guidelines of who can register. You must have a valid Indiana Driver’s License or Indiana Identification Card.
Fill out the “Verifying Voting Eligibility” questions and enter your Indiana Driver’s License or Identification Number and click “Continue”.
The next screen is the actual Voter Registration Application – enter your personal information and click “Continue”.
The third page is the verification of the information you entered, once you have checked all of the information you entered, click on “Submit App”
You should then “Print Confirmation” so you have immediate proof of your registration. Once the registration is processed you will receive a Voter Registration card from our Voter Registration Office by mail.
Remember, in Indiana, the registration period shuts down 30 days before an election.
Just as if you had registered at the BMV, your new registration will be sent to our “hopper” in the Voter Registration Office; we’ll process the registration and send you a Voter Registration card. The card will verify that you are registered to vote, tell you which precinct you’re registered in and where your polling site is located.
For those of you that are curious as to the security of registering online, the newly registered voter must have a valid Indiana Driver’s License or valid State Identification Card. By using one of these documents, signatures can be verified from where the prospective voter had previously signed documents at the BMV. Because of this verification process, Federal documents and Student ID’s will not work.


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Location: 401 W. 7th St., Suite 100
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)
Phone: 812-349-2690
Fax: 812-349-2610

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Phone 812-335-7219 for questions outside of these hours.