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Welcome to the Monroe Circuit Court!  We thank you for taking time away from your job and family to serve as a juror.  We know that juror service can create hardships for potential jurors, and we will make every effort to minimize your time away from job and family.    The right to trial by jury is assured to each citizen of this State by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the Indiana State Constitution.  Without the service of citizens such as you, the right to trial by jury would be meaningless and unattainable. Your service ensures that all citizens have access to equal justice under the law. Juror Message Line:  (812) 349-5879 (JURY)

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Q1.How are jurors selected?
Q2.What are the requirements to serve as a juror?
Q3.What are the different types of jury trials?
Q4.What is the difference between “eligible for duty” and serving as a ju...
Q5.If my juror number is read what does that mean?
Q6.How long does a juror have to serve?
Q7.Are there any exemptions from jury service?
Q8.Where do I park if I’m required to report for jury service?
Q9.Do I get paid as a juror?
Q10.How many jurors are required?
Q11.How many jurors must agree on a verdict?
Q12.Does the Court provide lunch for jurors?
Q13.How can my family reach me if there is an emergency at home while I'm ...
Q14.I have additional questions or concerns about jury service.  Who ...