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Here you will find active judgments on properties within Monroe County that are not in the MVP system. Most of these pre-date the inception of MVP in the Monroe County Courthouse. You may view and search the master list by clicking on the hyperlink below. To search the document, simply press ctrl+f to bring up a search box. Typing the name "Smith" in the search box and clicking on the right arrow will take you to the first instance of the word "smith" in the document (quotations not required when searching).

[Judgment Database]

 It is important to note that the amounts shown on the database are subject to change due to interest. To obtain the most current amount owed, please contact Juan Cannon at (812) 349-2832.

Also note that names highlighted in BLUE indicate partial payments have been made on the parcel in question. Again, you will need to contact Juan Cannon for more information on these parcels.

Again, these judgments pre-date the MVP software. Any judgments applied to a property after 2007 will be in the MVP system, and can only be searched for in the office.