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Cash and Check Accepted.
Please Do Not Mail Cash.
Credit/debit cards accepted,
with $3.50 service fee.

Unless Otherwise Noted, Please Make Checks
Payable to Monroe County Recorder. 

As of July 1st, 2017, Indiana Recording Fees have changed.

The new fee schedule is as follows:

Mortgages $55
Most other documents $25
Multi-tranaction documents: Monroe County does not accept multi-transaction documents (such as multiple releases of mortgages in a single documment).

Plats, Large Surveys, Other Large-Format Documents
(exceeding 8 1/2 by 14 inches)

$25 + $5 per
additional large sheet
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Flings **
(UCCs must be filed using national forms.
Forms are available at the Indiana
Secretary of State website: )
1-2 pages: $6
3+ pages: $10
UCC Searches $7 + $5 per additional name
Copies of documents up to 11 x 17 inches $1 per sheet
Copies of documents larger than 11 x 17 inches $5 per sheet
Bulk Copies (Bulk purchasers must have a contract
with the Recorder. "Bulk" means all recorded images,
regardless of type, over a certain time period.)
$0.20 per image
Recorder's certification of any document $5
Assessor's Fee: Any document that requires a
sales disclosure (such as a warranty deed).
$10, payable to Monroe
County Auditor
Auditor's Transfer Fee: Any document that serves
to transfer property (namely, any deed of transfer,
including an Affidavit of Survivorship).
$5 per parcel (legal description)
transferred, payable to Monroe
County Auditor


Recording fees will no longer be based on number of pages (except for large-format documents such as surveys and plats). There will no longer be any additional fees for cross-references or for non-conforming pages. HOWEVER, documents are still required to conform to recording standards, and may be rejected for non-conformance.

To be strictly conforming: Documents must be no larger than 8 1/2 X 14 inches, be in 10-point type or larger, on white paper of at least 20-lb. weight (no permanently bound or continuous forms), and have margins of at least 2 inches on the top and 2 inches on the the bottom of the first page and the last page with 1/2-inch margins on interior pages.

Non-conforming documents MAY still be accepted for recording, at the discretion of the Recorder. Documents are likely to be rejected if there is not a 2-inch margin on the first page (so that there is room for the Auditor's and Recorder's stamps), if pages are not legible due to small or unclear text, if the medium on which they are printed is not able to do through a scanner, or other reasons of recordability.

 All documents for recording must be notarized, include a statement indicating who prepared the document, and include an affirmation that states: "I affirm, under penalties of perjury, that I have taken reasonable care to redact each social security number in this document, unless required by law. (signed)" Notary services are available in the Courthouse (2nd floor, Legal Department), and stamps are available in the Recorder's office to add the "prepared by" statement and redaction affirmation as necessary.

Cross-references: “The county recorder may also include a cross-reference or multiple cross-references identified in a document for recording under this section. For cross-references not otherwise required by statute or county ordinance, the person submitting the document for recording shall clearly identify on the front page of the instrument the specific cross-reference or cross-references to be included with the recorded documents.” (IC 36-2-7-10) For instance, certain lengthier documents, such as affidavits, submitted for recording may contain multiple cross references, with some being for informational purposes only. In this case, the submitter must clearly identify on the first page of the document which cross references are required to be cross referenced within the public record. For documents that require a cross-reference by statute, such as assignments or releases of mortgage or easements, these references can be located on any given page within the document.

The changes in the recording fee structure were brought about by the passage of Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 505. More information on SEA 505 can be found here.

**  For best results when sending UCC Statements, UCC Amendments and UCC Terminations,  please include an original and a copy.