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Have You Received a Letter from the "National Deed Service"? How about the "Local Records Office"?

  • "National Deed Service, Inc." is an Illinois company that is offering to get local residents a certified copy of their property deeds for $69.50.
  • "Local Records Office" is a similar company that has been sending offers to provide owners with their deed and a "property profile" for $89, as recently as February 2015.
  • Other companies operate in the same way, under names such as "Record Transfer Services", "National Record Service", "Record Retrieval Department", and the like.
  • Please be advised: Most Monroe County homeowners can get a certified copy of their deed at the Recorder's Office for $6.00 or $7.00.
  • Uncertified copies can cost as little as $1.00.
  • In 2007, Monroe County Recorder Sam Allison attended a press conference with Monroe County Prosecutor Chris Gaal and the Attorney General of the State of Indiana to bring attention to this company's practices.

Bottom Line: You do not have to possess a physical copy of your deed in order to protect your property. Your home and land cannot be seized simply because you cannot immediately produce a copy of your deed. That's what the Recorder's office is for: We keep and preserve the important documents that protect your rights to your property.