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  Steve Saulter, Monroe County Auditor


The County Auditor is a constitutional officer of the county, elected for a four year term from the county at large with prohibition against serving more than two consecutive terms. 

In order to keep the public better informed of County operations, the Auditor’s office has recently added all County Ordinances and Resolutions to the county website.  To find Ordinances and Resolutions simply go to the “I want to” drop down list located on the left-hand side of the webpage and choose “Look Up Ordinances and Resolutions” from the list.  This will take you directly to the County Ordinances and Resolutions page.  There is a separate folder for each year from 1989 to 2012.  There are also separate folders with Indexes for Ordinances and Resolutions if you’re not sure of the year of the document you are searching for.

The Auditor’s office has also added the bi-weekly claims that are approved by the Commissioners at their meetings.  These are expenses paid by Monroe County to various vendors and taxing units.  In addition, we are posting monthly financial updates showing all County disbursements and receipts.  You can find these items under the “Financial Updates” link under “Auditor’s Links” on the left-hand side of the Auditor’s Office webpage.

Some of the County Auditor's duties 

  • Maintains the official Ledger of the County: Receipts, Appropriations and reimbursements
  • Records minutes for the County Commissioners and County Council -Keeps official records (i.e., contracts, bonds, minutes, and indebtedness)
  • Prepares and distributes bids
  • Advertises and prepares budget rates
  • Maintains ordinances & resolutions
  • Fiscal official for all county funds & grants
  • Advertises & audits all County Department claims
  • Makes Bond Payments
  • Maintains fixed Assets inventory
  • Administers payroll & maintains all county personnel files
  • Distributes C.O.I.T.
  • Maintains TIF records
  • Oversees Tax Abatements
  • Maintains Tax Billing - (classified forest, annexations)
  • Maintains Exemptions and deductions
  • Maintains property maps for hard copy and GIS
  • Certifies property Owners 
  • Distributes tax dollars to Taxing Units
  • Prepares abstract spread sheet for State
  • Prepares Settlement spread sheet for State
  • Transfers all property deeds
  • Maintains take home vehicle records


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Location: 100 West Kirkwood Ave, Rm 209
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)
Phone: 812-349-2510
Fax: 812-349-2280
Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
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Steve Saulter, Auditor
Office: 812-349-2515   Cell: 812-369-3358

Therese Chambers, Chief Deputy Auditor
Office: 812-349-2509   Cell: 812-272-9633

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Select Amy Lettelleir Property Representative
Select Christy Drake Deputy Auditor - Payroll
Select Connie Axsom Administrative Assistant
Select Juan Cannon Part Time
Select Kyle Sturgeon Tax Sale Coordinator
Select Melissa Patterson Claims Coordinator
Select Rebecca Borden 1st Financial Deputy
Select Steve Saulter County Auditor
Select Susan Rush-Chambers Grant Administrator
Select Susie Johnson GIS Customer Service Representative