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Let's See How Long It Takes!!!


This challenge is for everyone who walks, jogs, or runs!  Distance will be calculated collectively as a group.  We need individuals to send in their distance (in increments of miles) bi-weekly to with "Walk Across America" in the subject line.

You can still participate without using a tracking device, by simply sending your weekly estimate of mileage.  This is not just your weekly exercise program.  For example, this includes your steps to and from the water fountain, to and from buildings, walking at the grocery store, or walking up from the parking lot.  (Check out the Stay Active Parking Lot Walk Map).


Encourage your co-workers to join in our venture.  Employees can still join in even after we have begun the journey. Since this is an effort of multiple people, we didn’t structure an official start or end date.  We’ll just see what we can accomplish as a group.  Then we’ll have another adventure. At end of our journey, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Please note this particular challenge is a collective adventure and is not a part of HOPE Pays.


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