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HOPE Wellness Benefit Programs





Activate Clinic & HOPE Pays Health Incentive Programs

Hope Wellness is an employee wellness program that offers opportunities for county employees to improve their health.  All county employees are welcome to participate in HOPE Wellness programs.  All employees are also eligible for a wellness incentive program.

Those employees who are enrolled in the Monroe County medical insurance plan are automatically enrolled in the wellness benefit incentive program through Activate Clinic.  Other employees may enroll in the Activate Clinic and its wellness benefit incentive program by paying a monthly fee.

Monroe County employees who are not signed up for medical insurance through Monroe County, but are signed up for a county insurance product or flexible spending account are eligible for the HOPE Pays wellness benefit program.  
Below is the breakdown of both incentive programs:

Activate Employee Health Clinic Participants & Spouses

The County will pay each adult participant up to $332 for participation and progress, including: getting a physical, tracking progress, achieving goals, wellness activities and more.  The County will pay each spouse up to $302 for participation and progress including getting a physical, tracking progress, and achieving goals.

Clinic users must be signed up for Monroe County insurance or be an employee and pay a fee.
Health reimbursement accounts, wellness goals & other medical related points will be managed by the Activate employee clinic.
Non-medical activities and Lunch & Learns offered by the county HOPE Wellness Program will be tracked with a stamp card available in January at Activate.  Each event is worth $5 (up to 6 events), and one cash payout will be done through the clinic. Spouses are not eligible for this benefit.           

  • Annual Physical    $100.00
  • Tracking goals online  $52.00
  • Achieving individual goals set with Activate  $150.00
  • HOPE Wellness programs,
  • Lunch and Learns, etc.     $30

    Total possible Incentive = $332.00   

    HOPE Pays Participants  

Must be enrolled in at least one flexible spending or county insurance program to participate.

Must complete a new registration/health survey form every year by the end of January.  The registration form can be found on the county website on the Human Resources page or you can call the Health Department at 349-2722.. Fax or email the completed survey form to 812.349.7346 or

Participants will need to document their well check visits and activities using the 2017 Signature Card - Female, or the 2017 Signature Card - Male.  These are located on the Human Resources page of the county website.  They also can be printed or copies picked up at the Employee Health Clinic beginning the second week of January.  Cards must be signed and dated by the provider along with the name of the preventative screening. (Do not include confidential information or medical diagnosis).

“Hope Pays” Wellness Visit and activity point guide

Doctor Recommended Screenings – 75 points

      It is important to see your healthcare provider at least once each year. Your provider will help you determine what  screenings and tests are needed.  Tests/screenings such as pap smears  and  mammograms,  for  women;  prostate checks  for men;  cholesterol  checks, hearing and vision screenings  and colorectal cancer screenings are generally recommended and will he awarded points. (If you are unsure about your screenings, please ask).

Dental Screenings –

  • 1 visit – 50 points
  • 1 exam, 2 cleanings (recommended by ADA) – 100 points

Wellness Program Screenings (ex. Flexibility screenings and BMI) 25 – 50 points.
Health Challenges 10 -100 points

  • Participation.......75 points for participating!
  • Winners.......75 points plus 25 bonus points- 

Blood Drive Challenge, City/County Employee -

  • Blood Donation....50 points
  • Volunteer… 25 points

Flu Shots.......50 points

Wellness Programs - 

  • Lunch and Learns – (offered 8- 11 times a year)....25  points –
  • Educational Programs……25 points
  • Walking Programs (ex., Active Living Walk, Employee Wellness Day…25 points
  • Walks such as Heart Walk, Relay for Life, may also be eligible for points.

BONUS Points:  Be Tobacco Free and get 75 points!

  • Be tobacco free or attend a tobacco cessation program during the year. This program is offered free of charge by the Monroe County Health Department and consists of 8 sessions.

Points may also be given for exercise classes and gym memberships.  Please call to get further information.   A more detailed list is available through the Health Department, Human Resources or Activate. 

Payout is in December
Spouses are not eligible for HOPE Pays.

Total HOPE Pays possible Incentive = $150

Please keep the signature card for medical visits in a safe place.  No documentation containing personal information, such as bills, bank accounts withdraws, Social Security numbers or insurance information can be accepted as proof of a provider visit.  Participants also should keep copies of sent emails and signature cards and attach a read receipt to have a record that their information was received.

Dates to Remember

  • You will have until the beginning of December to reconcile.
  • Pay-out is mid-December.

All of those participants who acquired 500 or more points in a calendar year are eligible to receive a HOPE Pays Lanyard for the County ID badge!  Employees are only allowed to receive benefits from one incentive plan per year. If incentive plans change because of allowable circumstances, prior incentive plan points will be forfeited.

The HOPE Pays program is managed by Monroe County Human Resources, Health Department and Activate Health Clinic



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