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Monroe County Government is an organization where we each choose to actively manage our own health so that we feel better, and live more enjoyable, productive lives.  We believe in protecting the present and enhancing the future.  Monroe County Government encourages and supports personal and professional productivity, physical and mental wellbeing, and a culture that supports everyone’s desire to make healthy lifestyle choices.

MCG Wellness Program Incentives - Activate Healthcare and HOPE Pays

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Congratulations Team – After stopping home (just for a second) we made it to the Eastern Shore!!! We encourage you to go ahead and send in your current miles. We will be sending out a future message with a new adventure and will apply those miles to that. We hope that you will continue walking with us, and that we can encourage others to join us.

Also, we will be sending out information regarding recognition for individual and team achievement in an upcoming Commissioner’s meeting. So get ready, and it might be time to replace those shoes!

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Christmas in July - Announcement!

We are getting an early start this year so that vendors will have ample time to plan for their special and unique items.

If you are interested in being a vendor, please respond to WellnessCentral@co.monroe.in.us by September 1.

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Mission Statement:  Transforming health care by empowering employees and their families to take charge of their health and employers to take charge of health care costs.

To the insured participants of Monroe County Government and their families:

We are excited to be in our fourth year of offering insured employees of Monroe County Government and their families free comprehensive primary health care services.

Bloomington Clinic: Hours & Location 
Bedford Clinic: Hours & Location

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Success Stories

Please Share your Success Story!

If your efforts to improve your health and well-being were successful, we want to Recognize you!!!