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Table of Contents

Title 1 General Provision
Title 2 Administration and Elections
Title 3 Health and Environment
Title 4 Public Safety and Traffic Regulations
Title 5 Professions, Occupations, Businesses and Contractors
Title 6 Recreation, Culture and Community Facilities
Title 7 Transportation, Highways and Public Works
Title 8 Planning, Development, Land Use and Zoning Subdivision
Control Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance








Reference Documents

Amending Ordinances
This table lists the Ordinances by number which amended the Code.   It lists the ordinance number, date passed, by what authority and the chapter/section that was amended.

Chapter Amendments
This table lists by chapter number all the ordinances that amended that particular chapter.

Index to the Monroe County Code
This table is a subject listing.  It is in alphabetical order and list the chapter number and section of the subject.

Inventory of Ordinances
This table lists all of the Ordinance numbers assigned since 1981.  The list includes the Ordinance whether it amended the code or not or whether it was passed or not.