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General Information

Monroe County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Below is a listing of current employment opportunities in county government, along with a job posting for each.  If you would like to apply, please click on the Application Link, complete, and submit to the appropriate contact person.  A resume may be required or optional.  Please read the job posting for specific information.

NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox is experiencing problems when downloading fillable PDF forms (such as the application link above). They are currently working on this issue.  If you use Firefox as your browser, you will be prompted to open with a different viewer as these type of PDF forms do not display correctly.  Fillable forms will display properly using Internet Explorer.

Current Openings



Date Posted

Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney / Misdemeanor 12/2/16
Public Defender Paralegal 11/17/16
Health Department Public Heatlh Coordinator 11/16/16
Sheriff Deputy Sheriff 11/9/16
Sheriff Animal Management Officer 11/9/16
Health Department Patient Services Assistant  9/27/16
Health Department Environmental Health Specialist Assistant  9/27/16
Health Department Health Education Assistant 9/27/16

CASP Field Officer

Position Description

Probation Juvenile Probation Officer 12/2/16
Probation/Community Corrections Probation Officer Assistant 1/29/16
Youth Services Bureau Part-Time Residential Specialist 2/3/16