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Employee Benefits

This information provides a list of benefits plans offered to employees of Monroe County.  The County reserves the right to amend or discontinue these plans at any time and for any reason.  For more information please contact our Human Resources Department at (812) 349-7313.

The County pays approximately 70% of your health insurance costs. 

Sick Leave

Monroe County provides paid sick leave benefits to all full-time employees for periods of temporary absence due to illness or injury.  An employee with accrued sick leave shall receive regular pay for days absent from employment for the sickness or injury of the employee or the employee's dependent.

One day of sick leave shall be granted to full-time employees upon commencement of employment.  Thereafter, full-time employees shall earn one (1) day of sick leave on the first day of each full month of continued employment.  Employees may convert up to one (1) unused sick day per quarter into a personal day.  Personal time may be used for any personal reason without specification.  The right to convert one (1) sick day if not exercised during a given of the calendar year is carried over to subsequent quarters of the same calendar year.  The unused right to convert sick days may not be carried over to a subsequent calendar year.


Years of Employment

Days of Vacation

After six (6) months of county employment

Five (5) days per year

After completion of one (1) year of continuous county employment and until the end of the 5th year of continuous county employment

Ten (10) days per year

After completion of five (5) years of continuous county employment and until the end of the 10th year of continuous county employment

Fifteen (15) days per year

After completion of the 10th year of continuous county employment until termination of county employment

20 Days


The effective date for longevity is the date an individual began full-time employment with the county.  All records must be verified by the Auditor's office.  Longevity pay is based on the following schedule of complete and uninterrupted years of service.  Periods that would be affected by interrupted service cannot be claimed.

Years of Employment

Dollar Amount


    $       0


    $    200


    $    400


    $    600


    $    800


    $ 1,200


    $ 1,400


    $ 1,700


    $ 2,000


    $ 2,300



Most full-time employees are automatically enrolled in a retirement program known as the Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF).   Monroe County contributes the mandatory 3% of employee salary required by law.  The employee has several options with regards to how the money is invested in the fund.  If employment is terminated before the money vests (generally upon ten (10) years service), the employee's contributions plus interest are refunded.  Retirement benefit eligibility is determined by age and creditable service.  When an employee reaches sixty-five (65) he may receive the full retirement amount if he has at least ten (10) years of eligible service.  An employee with fifteen (15) or more years of service may elect to retire as early as age 50.  However, retirement benefits are substantially reduced if the retirement occurs before age sixty (60).  The pension is calculated by a formula set by law.  On average County contributions furnish approximately eighty-five percent (85%) of the total benefit an employee receives.  An employee desiring an estimate of retirement benefits should submit contact PERF at (317) 233-4162.

Direct Deposit

Monroe County offers direct deposit to employees.  You may choose up to three (3) banks for the distribution of your pay.  You are unable to receive a check and a direct deposit.  You will receive a non-negotiable statement detailing your gross pay, taxes, deductions, retirement and net pay.  You will need to fill out a form and attach a voided check.  We will have to pre-note your direct deposit for the first pay after you turn in the form.

The County offers an automatic $20,000 term life insurance policy on the employee.

Supplemental Insurance

An employee offers supplemental health insurances such as cancer and accident.  All of these insurances have pre-tax breaks.

  • Cancer Select Plus - Cancer Only Insurance Policy

  • Critical Assistance Select - Plan A

  • TransAccident - Group Off-the-Job Insurance

Voluntary Term Life

Employees may purchase additional life insurance of up to five (5) times their annual salary.  Fort Dearborn provides group term life to county employees at group rates.  Employees may also purchase life insurance coverage on their spouse and dependents.

Disability Insurance

Employees may purchase additional life insurance of up to five (5) times their annual salary.  Fort Dearborn provides group term life to county employees at group rates.  Employees may also purchase life insurance coverage on their spouse and dependents.

Deferred Compensation Program

Monroe County provides employees the opportunity to participate in a 457b deferred compensation plan to supplement your retirement.  Nationwide Retirement Solutions and Valic serve as the plan administrators.  This program allows you to contribute a portion of your salary before federal taxes to a retirement plan. To invest in either of these plans, you may contact Nationwide at 1-877-677-3678 and Valic at 1-800-892-5558.

Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to redirect a portion of your salary into two (2) specific types of expenses.  Dependent Care (DDC) up to $5,000, Un-reimbursed Medical (URM) up to $5,000, Transportation, up to $5,020, and Adoption Assistance, up to $5,000. Prior to the beginning of each year you must elect a specific dollar amount for each types of expense, which will be redirected, from your salary.

Redirecting part of your salary into a Flexible Spending Account(s) (FSA) means that your taxable income will be calculated after the elected amounts for dependent care and/or un-reimbursed medical expenses are deducted from your salary.  No social security tax, federal income tax, state income tax (except in Pennsylvania and New Jersey) nor local tax will be paid on the elected amounts.